Jun. 5th, 2012

The transit of Venus approacheth! I am going to an all-night event thing which should be fun. If the weather is kind, the transit will be visible in the UK from sunrise until nearly six a.m. tomorrow.

After that, I plan to sleep.

ETA: The weather was not kind. The event was fun, our team came third equal in the quiz, there were pretty pictures and video from various places. We went outside just in case, even though it was quite cloudy, and so we wound up with a dozen people clustered around a laptop and the rest of us just standing around eating croissants. I saw a squirrel jump out of a bin, and while we were waiting at the bus stop a young guy asked us what time it was and apparently his phone had been telling him it was half-eight (it was quarter-past-six). And I got home and slept a bit and was up for a bit and slept a whole lot more.

ETAA: Also I had weird dreams, which is not unusual for me, and this one included Phil-off-of-Time-Team either proposing or getting married to a dude. And it took me a while after I woke up to remember it wasn't true.



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