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I had my first ECDL class today. Well, yesterday. You know what I mean, days are between sleeps.

It was OK? There was another new person and an almost-new person and we had to sit around for a bit at the beginning while another class was using the computers to do quizzes on moodle, but one of those was about sex, drugs and alcohol (I am not even kidding) so that broke the ice a bit.

It is not a proper class, it is a Flexible Learning Session, so you all work away from your books but the lecturer is there if you need help. I got through the first chunk of the word processing module, it was a bit odd because I have not used Word 2007 before and it has different menus and such. Also it kept having me open a document, save it as something else, then close it again. I can kind of see the point but it got a bit annoying.

And at the end I went awkward and walked out without saying goodbye and did not get the theory booklet I am supposed to have but I can get it next week, it is all fine.

Also I may filled out the letter template using fictional people, but I think that's fair.



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