At Key I have been burning things, also known as pyrography; I am not very good at it. One of the guys complimented my work, and asked how I could say (as I had earlier) that I wasn't artistic; but I'm a perfectionist.

I have missed both the Friday choir rehearsals so far, mostly out of apathy. They will not kick me out, though, because they are pretty short on tenors. On the way to rehearsal last night I saw a fox, pretty much in the middle of town. It was pretty cool, ran out of a side street just in front of me and trotted across the road.

I have been watching quite a lot of telly - iplayer, downloads, etc. Most of it has at least been semi-decent; but I did at one point watch Antiques Roadshow out of desperation for distraction. I tried to tell psych-man how much of me is distraction but I'm not sure how well it got across. Maybe I should take knitting to a session.

ETA: I have bought train tickets for my holiday, and ordered a new simcard as the company my phone is on has been taken over or some shit, and I've been getting texts about it for, um, a while now. I should probably look into prices but I have been organised enough for today, I think. I have done dishes and everything.
So today I got up to go to the shrink. I have not seen him for the last three weeks: first he was on holiday, then I completely failed at getting out of bed, then last week he was sick. Turns out this week he is still sick. And I didn't realise until I got to the hospital that I'd gone out without putting on a bra. Well, I just had to go out the door and get the bus, which was just arriving, so there wasn't much walking around or anything, but it was odd.

He hasn't even seen my hair yet, I am sure he will have something to say about it. I chopped it off a few weeks ago and attacked it with my clippers and it is all short, I like it. Reactions at Key were mostly positive; I got one "Jesus Christ what happened to you?" and a couple more 'shock', one "your beautiful long hair" and one person not recognising me, but a number of "that actually really suits you."

I meant to go into town afterward, but I went to the shop for food and then I came home and instead of putting on a bra and going straight back out I lay down for just a little while which turned into about five hours. Oh well. Tomorrow will do. I really do need to, though, because it is to finish buying christmas presents. I am knitting some, also, need to finish a couple by this weekend because Mau is having a tree-decorating party (because some of us will be elsewhere for christmas) and then I can leave them there.

Ho-hum. Also, here is a video of octopusses.
Lioness! Cubs! and right now it's feeding time!
Thing is, it's not so much that I multi-task as that I have a very low boredom threshold, so I have to dip in and out of several things. And 'nando doesn't always like that, esp when they're intensive, and when he's been on long enough that his memory is filling up. So then when I switch pages, or click through, sometimes he'll just grind away for a minute or two - which doesn't sound long, but really is. Man, I need a better 'puter. Or just one that is not filled with crap. Even reformatting 'nando might help, but I'd have to back everything up first and I don't think my CD-writer is working, and I know my pen drives won't talk to him.

Hmm. Grr.

So, I have twelve tabs and three IE windows (because now YouTube isn't working in Firefox for me, damn thing. Which is weird, because embedded vids are fine, but actual YouTube? No way.) and actually, that's all. Huh. I was looking at bungee-jumping earlier, but I might have to get contact lenses first.

Two tabs pristine from my five-tab startup - a jobs site and an email account. My flist and another email account, also on startup. A fic. Four tabs: an interesting-looking profic project and associated rp lj accounts. Two photography blogs - one of cuteness! And this update. Windows are associated cute vids, random jazz and random torchwood vid. [Because Winamp has now befucked itself, most of my computer music is random youtube, and because Realplayer is also vaguely befucked, I actually plugged my CD player back in last night.]

Earlier I was eating re-heated Chinese and drinking dark beer. Yum.

Stupidly, I let myself run out of drugs, so I spent business hours today [yesterday? no, today, because days are just periods-between-sleeps] shivering in bed with the sweats and random highly-weird dreams. That was fun. I don't know if the chemists will be open tomorrow but I'm damn sure going to have a look-see.

That also may be cause of current hyper/random. I pogolise.
This clip prompted me to cry out, "Its little hoggy face!" I am not ashamed.

Now how did I find that? Oh, right, [ profile] feministe to tigtog to Helen. I added [ profile] feministe to my flist after somebody linked it - can't recall who. Now I am randomly clicking through links to a variety of feminist blogs/posts such as this, this, and this.

I am still undecided on the matter of the serial comma. It makes more sense, in many ways, but it's just not how I learned to do things.

Fortuitously, a book I ordered (after following a link in a comment on feministe) a few days ago arrived yesterday - Quirkyalone: A Manifesto For Uncompromising Romantics by Sasha Cagen. Essentially, "I would rather be alone than date just for the sake of dating." It's quite entertaining; not all of it resonates with me, but so what? It doesn't have to.

Wow. I hadn't realised how much it had been affecting me, having that not-done essay hanging over me; but feeling like I ought to be writing that just stopped me from writing anything else, which isn't exactly good for my mental health. But now I'm a Dip, and I'm ba-ack!
[ profile] nostalgia_lj decided to see if Julian/Judas ("that would be amazing," she comments, "Julian/Judas fic." Oh dear.) could swim. So put hamster in sink. In small amount of water. And could swim. And was very swiftly removed. We dried hamster with hair-dryer.

Have been reading excessive amounts of Good Omens fic, and now some L/G as well because of a recs page. Um. I have a lecture at ten, and I'm supposed to go to a meeting of my tut group at eleven (and we assign the marks for this thing between us - well, we get a percentage then divide it by four (as it is worth 25% of total for course - i.e. if group gets 80, then each gets 20), or divide it differently (i.e., for 80, two get 25 and two get 15), and they all know what a useless fuckup I am but I think - hope - that they're too nice to do anything but equal marks. But then T has done unbelievable amounts of work and we all know it. But then he's already got shit-good marks for this and it doesn't matter. So. Um. Anyway.

Stomach hurts. Ow. Um. Should. Sleep, or something. Want to write stuff. Really ought to work. Will end up reading, as always.



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