I couldn't get to sleep so I stayed up. This morning I went climbing. I did some bouldering and stuff then I went on the main wall going sideways and I hurt myself being dumb - I landed hard on one leg, so it sort of jammed, and is sore up to knee, on the outside. ow.

Then I came home and I slept, that was nice. Then I woke up just in time for tea, and then it was time for Dr Who.

My visible reactions tonight, with a mild sprinkling of spoilers: )
I have been climby! And I got all sweaty and now I smell, and I have red patches on the insides of my fingers and I am developing bruises on both knees and at least one elbow and possibly elsewhere, and a button came off the fly of my trousers (but I have spares and needles and thread) and, and. It was Awesome. Well, apart from the bits where I failed and got petulant (I nearly kicked the wall at one point, which would have done No Good Whatsoever.) but there were bits where I did better than I expected and got hyper. So. Yes.

Also there were semi-naked young men getting sweaty.

This afternoon I had my medical appointment for IB, and had to wait for over an hour (thankfully had my knitting) and it was really overly warm and the guy was nice and I may have overacted a little - that is, I deliberately didn't rein myself in when I started getting upset, and I didn't make myself look him in the eye, and such. Whatever. They will say I should get a job. I know I should get a job and I WANT a job but argh argh argh fuck'em.

I was climby and it was good so there.
Ow! I just got up to go to the bathroom and I nearly fell over because my legs had frozen up, because I came back from climbing and sat cross-legged in front of the computer for six hours, more or less. Ow.

Climbing was fun! There were three other learners and two of them knew each other so I paired up with the other guy and we took turns climbing and belaying (which is when you are the person at the bottom holding the rope so if the climber falls they don't fall all the way, and he fell once which was exciting, and also once they reach the top you lower them down) and I was probably the crappiest climber of the four but not by much. And I fell a few times and one time I nearly landed on a kid, which was funny. It was cool, though, because it wasn't just a taster session, it was learning how to sort out your harness and tie yourself on and everything.

It's a renovated church, which is cool, because it's this big space with climbing walls all round, and the wooden ribs - do I mean ribs? the bits that go across the ceiling for support, and stick down a bit, and they're shapedy - and there's a wee cafe bit up some spiral stairs, and another little climbing room, and stuff.

And we're all going back next Monday for Part Two. And then we get a week's free membership, so I'll probably go a few times, depending how dead I feel tomorrow and the day after.
Also sore muscles, though they are better now than they have been. On Friday I thought I might not make it up the stairs because my thighs felt dead. Last night I rubbed them, and my calves, and my shoulder/back/armpit which is still pretty sore. And I have taken the odd pill, and I'm just complaining because I feel like it, and also because of the sense of accomplishment of "I did a physical thing and it was good!" so, yeah.

I left the house five times this week, though twice was on one day. And last night parentals had minor party and I vaguely socialised. That is all pretty good, for me.

I woke up early today, so I think I might have a nap now.
I went and I did the climbing thing! And it was fun! ridiculously detailed babble )

And then called Mim and babbled at her a bit. And then I went shopping and bought stuff ) and I went to MacD's and had food. And then I walked home in the rain and dad called me, like, three minutes before I got there, and then there was food for me because they hadn't found my note (which maybe I should have put on the fridge instead of by the phone in the hall? but that is, like, standard note-leaving place, for me anyway) and I ate that too because I only had rice for lunch. Mmm, food.

Most/all of my icons are angsty. Apart from the 'factual' ones. Maybe one day have happy icon? But maybe it not used much. But then I not use icons, half the time. My default is like my online face.

Dude, I just spent, like, forty minutes writing this. And looking back, I probably made far too much use of certain phrases and rhetorical conventions, but who gives a damn? Not I.
Last night I went to the ball. Well, the astrosoc dinner-dance - near enough. I wore my bridesmaid's dress - deep blue ballgown - and nice underwear just because. And I was expecting to have to make small-talk (or not) with people I vaguely knew, but a couple of girls I'm quite friendly with showed up. And the food was all right. But my feet hurt because I'd walked there in my heels, which was, quite frankly, a damn stupid thing to do, and gave me blisters. Then there was ceilidh dancing, and I danced nearly all of the dances, with a few different people, and wore myself out quite well. And there was 'disco' which was also quite fun, and I stayed up for most of that too. Then I walked home in bare feet, which hurt, but not as much as the shoes would have. But today my calves hurt like bitches because I haven't been that active in a while. And they were all right as long as I kept moving but then I sat down, and when I got up again they just screamed at me. So. Fun.

Um. Need sleep. Very much so. And, um. Hmm. May be dropping a module. Don't know. Should attempt to catch up on work for other modules over this weekend anyway. Ought to do some work this evening. Severely doubt will. Bugger.

Ow. I hurt. And may actually go to bed at some point fairly soon. Know not.



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