Since I last posted I have:

posted a fic here.

got new glasses - my prescription had changed, and I got to do the flashy-lights field-of-vision thing which I never had to do before, that was exciting.

bought two bras! It took me ages to get round to it but I was actually down to only one that fit. The whole thing was actually surprisingly painless.

bought a new laptop, which was just last night, actually, I have been poking at ebay for while and finally picked a T60 ThinkPad (I am currently using a T23, and it has been irritatingly slow and does not do DVDs or have a touchpad).

posted some pyrography pictures here.

Actually I have bought quite a lot of stuff recently, I realised money was building up in my account and went, hey! I could actually buy things! So, some books, and a hat, and some crafty stuff. Quite a bit of crafty stuff, actually, I have a whole pile of stuff waiting to be burned on. Oh well what the hell.
Earlier I had scones with jam and cream and they were very nice. I had to open a new jar as the jams available were gooseberry and cherry, neither of which I agree with. Strawberry is my One True Jam, with raspberry an acceptable substitute. I think because that was what we always had when I was a kid, but I don't know why that was. Still. Jam is good.

I have been knitting. I have nearly finished a garment. I will have to make pictures happen.

Also I wrote a little iron man fic. I have been writing bits and bobs but my big bang fic is failing horribly. Sigh.

And I updated my website, though there was not much to do.

And I really ought to sleep now. God, this whole getting-up-in-the-morning thing, I don't know...
Well, I didn't actually get up today, so I didn't do anything. Oops. But I did just finish that fic, and now it's here, so that's one thing off my mind.

Now I really oughtta go to sleep, because I have to get up in the morning. So. I will go now. Yes.

*coughs* *sniffles*
Still in Abdn. Going home tomorrow. My throat has been scratching and now my nose has started running. Sigh. Oh well. Etc.

Nine more Martha drabbles )
Wrote these for the [ profile] lifeonmartha 1000 Drabbles of Awesome. Plan to write more. The last two wouldn't let me get to sleep tonight. You may notice I'm slightly obsessed with the Year That Never Was; I have a thing for consequences and YTNW is such a big thing to have consequences and... yeah. Anyway. Maybe I can sleep now, that would be nice.

drabbles )
Ficish. Not that I've been writing, because I have uni stuff to do that I am avoiding and I can't do anything before that except avoid more. Sigh.

Fandom: Hellboy (the film) [If you haven't seen it: Hellboy is big red demon raised good, Liz is pretty girl who burninates things, John is straitlaced FBI liaison. The obvious love triangle occurs. Also there are Nazis and Russians and opening hell and whatnot, but that doesn't matter.]
Rating: R?
Notes: I just found this in my files, and I remember that I was going to maybe go on and make pron happen and it would wind up being this big angsty three-way. thing. But that was too much effort, so:

1200 words of sex talk )
I was going to give a birthday present, then I thought I had nothing, then I was thinking, then I was going to sleep, then I wrote this straight off which makes me yay. It is not much but I like it.

I am going to house of a [ profile] marcobiagi which also contains an [ profile] edithmatilda. Wey.

Also, I have been deemed Capable, and thus do not get more money. Sigh.

Here is ficthing, winnar of poll of, um, yore. Sarah Jane Smith / Harriet Jones )
*removes brain* *serves it on a plate, possibly as porridge* *with blood for jam or cerebrospinal fluid for honey* (um, wow, that got kinda gross) (can I sleep now? can I stop angsting and stop typing and shut the hell up yet?)

get to the porn already )
*dances* Finally I can post this. I was going to wait until the list was up. But dammit, it's Monday, and I can post it, and stop worrying about the damn thing. Also, I may have started writing another one but that is just porn and it's all good. And maybe some of flist will actually read that one. Maybe not, though. That's all right.

six paramitas )
I went to nos's y'day, and we watched Who, lots of, and there was joy, and there was popcorn, and there were people, and then there was stress and screaming and I ran away. And I bought a pile of crap and ate that instead of the actual food that was waiting for me. And I'm probably all dehydrated and crap and I don't care. Ho-hum.

So I got round to writing those requests. Three Dr Who, one utter batshit (srsly, made me go wtf?).

four drabbles )

Any more for any more? The meme is to do 10, and I wouldn't mind...

ETA: Two more in comments.
Memewhorage again: comment, and I ask you five questions, and you answer them, and post your answers to your journal.

questions asked by etben )

Title: Five Ex-Companions OR The Revelations Of Five People Who, In Their Respective Pasts, Travelled With The Doctor
Author: kbk
Fanda: DW crossovering with various. In this instance, Ivor The Engine, a series of children's books by Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin.
Notes: [ profile] katemonkey said I should do something random. This is very random, no? These books are probably one of the first memories I have: reading the bits in capital letters along with my Dad, when he read me a story at night. The first two paragraphs here are a direct lift from "The First Story". They give context. No, really. In that book, Ivor joins the choir. In subsequent books, Ivor helps several sheep, an elephant, a dragon and a fox. Ivor is a lovely engine.

Ivor The Engine )

Memewhorage, got from [ profile] alryssa, and I am attempting though I am whee whoa wibble:


The idea isn't necessarily to comment to every single post on your friendspage, but to comment at least once to each friend who posts that day. You don't need to comment on community posts to do the meme. It's just about exchanging a few words with the people you have friended when they post on that day.

Fridays are often kind of slow on LJ, so I thought it would be a nice meme to encourage more talking on a Friday!


Title: Five Ex-Companions OR The Revelations Of Five People Who, In Their Respective Pasts, Travelled With The Doctor
Author: kbk
Fanda: DW crossovering with various. In this instance, House.

Eric Foreman )

Next, and last: a surprise. hah. [no, this isn't because I haven't quite decided yet. really!]
oh, I need to do things. like move. and eat, oh, I've been hungry for hours, and also do laundry, and. things. but here is more snippetude!

Title: Five Ex-Companions OR The Revelations Of Five People Who, In Their Respective Pasts, Travelled With The Doctor
Author: kbk
Fanda: DW crossovering with various. In this instance, Buffyverse.
Notes: This contains the idea that made me squeal during the addition to my last post. Which I wrote an hour ago. So I haven't really considered it at length, but I still think it's a kicky little idea. Which, btw, means it is angst and angst like whoa. That really wasn't the original intention, but then Faith came and wanted to talk, and, well, who am I to say no?

Faith )

Next up: someone from House.
agh. I did not go to the shop today as I did not want to leave bed. This is why I am not actually employed or even attempting such. also the part where I suck.

I had big complicated dreams which I could remember but now I am forgetting some. Ooh, there was Batman in an internet cafe (no, there were reasons). And a misinformed bombing raid by other comicsy types. And me watching video of a freefall that I didn't remember doing.

And I kept not posting this for hours upon hours on end, and now I have read piles of fic, and am happier again, and more snippetude has occurred.

Title: Five Ex-Companions OR The Revelations Of Five People Who, In Their Respective Pasts, Travelled With The Doctor
Author: kbk
Fanda: DW crossovering with various. In this instance, Due South.
Notes: 500-ish words. Go me.

Benton Fraser )

Next up: someone from Joss-verse. I'm just not quite sure who, yet.

Mmm. Sleep now, sleep good. Omfg, lookit time! Bad me! Sleep!

ETA: (five hours later) No sleep. Omf. Bad. Also, help? Which Doctor is most repressed/buttoned-down/etc? Because I'm thinking Five, but then I'm thinking I don't know him well enough to..... oh my god just *thought* and *eee* sometimes my brain is joy.
La! There be snippetude!

Oh, and today I was at the charity shop all day and I got left on my own for a while - ooh, responsibility! and I didn't mess up to bad, and also I got chips, and also I fixed the paper in the till, go me. And then I came home and I read and I did puzzles and then I wrote this snippet and now I am going to sleep yay as I have shop again in afternoon. *nods*

Title: Five Ex-Companions OR The Revelations Of Five People Who, In Their Respective Pasts, Travelled With The Doctor
Author: kbk
Fanda: DW crossovering with various. In this instance, Stargate SG-1.
Notes: Partly [ profile] nostalgia_lj's fault, because we were talking about this about a month ago. While on swings. That was fun.
Notes Again: Less than 400 words for Jack, I'm afraid. But five of roughly equal length would make 2000-ish which is a perfectly acceptable length for a fic, so there. If I do actually manage to write any more. Which is vaguely dubious. Oh well.

Jack O'Neill )

Next up, Benton Fraser! (Due South)

And if any of you were to have suggestions for the other three... I mean, I'm thinking about it, but I'm so very open to ideas.
I washed myself. I put a bad wrong DW snippet on my site, which was comments for [ profile] nostalgia_lj out of evil. I re-read all my SGA and SPN fic (and this is horribly egotistic of me, but I adore Hospitality probably more than is healthy given how dark it is - it makes me shiver even though I wrote the bastard. It's one of the few things I've written that I think I would have left feedback for (I utterly suck at feedback-giving, most days, and very occasionally find myself sugar-high and over-compensating.) It's one of those things that makes me think, hey, I really can do this shit.) and some things from recs.

I really really need a writing icon. I have been looking for images but not finding any. Argh, etc.

Now I am going to sleep and after that I will go to see a [ profile] nostalgia_lj and there will be Ten! omfgyay!

ETA: Icon is a bit of a poem by Rebecca Elson. I like her stuff. Maybe I will type up some of her stuff in violation of copyright because it is good but costs money.
I have a cat on me. Wey.

So I was going through a few old files, and I found this little thing that I wrote a while back and then utterly forgot about.

sga/qaf crossover - john/stuart - sexx0rz )
My Five Favourite Stories I've Written: I think this is chronological order )

Huh. No Jossverse fic. That's kinda weird. But I guess most of that I wrote years ago, and my writing's matured since then. Especially my porny stuff, I've acquired a bit more nerve when it comes to writing and posting explicit sex. Though a fair bit of that's been at Kim's behest.

And ask me about titles if you want, though I can't really think of any that are mysterious.



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