So, on Saturday, I abseiled off Finnieston Crane, which is a Glasgow landmark, and pictures exist. Apparently I really ought to set the calendar on my camera. Hmm. Anyway, it was scary but fun and I raised £117 for a couple of worthy charities (which are not actually my favoured charities but clearly have epic fundraisers). I did fall on my arse when I reached the bottom, because my legs were not sure about holding me.

Um, I have not been posting much. For a while I was posting updates for teh nos' while she was in hospital, and I was visiting a lot. My life has not been tremendously happening. I have a couple of epic bruises on my leg right now, one from a flippy seat on a bus and one from tripping up some metal stairs.

Tonight I had my first pottery class! It was mostly demonstrations, in the end I made three tiles and I will paint them next week, probably. I will try and have a go on one of the wheels next week as well, it looks tremendous fun if quite difficult.

Also I had a go at making paper today, I will not know how it has worked until the pieces dry, which they are doing at the moment.

Um. Yeah.
I am going to house of a [ profile] marcobiagi which also contains an [ profile] edithmatilda. Wey.

Also, I have been deemed Capable, and thus do not get more money. Sigh.

Here is ficthing, winnar of poll of, um, yore. Sarah Jane Smith / Harriet Jones )
I washed myself. I put a bad wrong DW snippet on my site, which was comments for [ profile] nostalgia_lj out of evil. I re-read all my SGA and SPN fic (and this is horribly egotistic of me, but I adore Hospitality probably more than is healthy given how dark it is - it makes me shiver even though I wrote the bastard. It's one of the few things I've written that I think I would have left feedback for (I utterly suck at feedback-giving, most days, and very occasionally find myself sugar-high and over-compensating.) It's one of those things that makes me think, hey, I really can do this shit.) and some things from recs.

I really really need a writing icon. I have been looking for images but not finding any. Argh, etc.

Now I am going to sleep and after that I will go to see a [ profile] nostalgia_lj and there will be Ten! omfgyay!

ETA: Icon is a bit of a poem by Rebecca Elson. I like her stuff. Maybe I will type up some of her stuff in violation of copyright because it is good but costs money.
I should go upstairs and later pretend I was sleeping.

I should go upstairs and sleep.

I'm going to be all fuckedupmoodswingy for seeing people, and yeah, they know I do that, but I kinda wanted to be all, "hey, am not (entirely) the psycho you knew, am cooler and fitter and more adventurous and shit," but that ain't gonna happen.

Actually. Going to sleep some. And going to post what I've been writing tonight, because it got to a nice end-line, though it's only one part and it's not long at all and I don't know where the fuck it's going if it's going anywhere. But still. It's reassuring that I haven't entirely lost the ability to write, though I think the things I've been thinking about writing are just too big or too intense or too something for me to write, at least right now, because I'm reading a hell of a lot and just not... if I read too much then I fill up my brain with all these other characters and other people's brilliance and I don't have room to create, which sucks, but the reading is so good... Anyway. Sleep.

OUATIM ficla )
[ profile] nostalgia_lj said: "Chris Carter/Brannon-Braga RPS! I'm so gonna write that!"

One projected line is: "yeah, I don't understand my show either."

We have to hold her to that.
yawn... went to bed about twenty-four hours ago, got up a few hours later to puke, then went back to bed and stayed there until [ profile] nostalgia_lj came in with Judas and he ran around the bed a little then I got up and then I watched many eps of S7 Buffy while reading Cosmo and Maxim. And I really did mean to work at some point, but oh well.

I'm going to do a bit of... I'd say re-design, but that would imply an original design, and I don't think black background, white text, a picture on the index page counts as design. not that I'm going to do anything more than that. but. um. anyway. this is just here to remind me to mess around with the site a bit. and get a better counter. it's going to become Resting Place of a Fannish Butterfly. well. kinda. not like I use the name, ever. but that reflects my status as a fandom whore. so. y'know.

i'm bored. and i have this huge pile of work i could do, and piles of fic i could read, and yet, i'm just sitting here. fantastic.
Believe have convinced tut group and tutor that am insane. Am quite happy about this. Told about vampires in head (latest novel idea, see later). Also fic addiction, was given suggestion of making character do physics to help me do work, responded "Krycek wouldn't do physics!" (previous statement having been "technical cases don't have pretty green-eyed men"). Other guy then said something about Mr Darcy with an IR telescope, to which I responded that I don't write Pride and Prejudice fic though I have read slash of it, "but you don't know what that means, which is probably actually quite a good thing."

Read Krycek/Scully earlier. Am semi-horrified at self. Read two stories in different places, though they were both quite good. I only read the second because it turned out to have Scully fisting Krycek and I'd been looking for a girl-fisting-guy because it seems to me that it's a power trip for the top and I've seen a fair few guy-guy and one or two guy-girl so I wanted to see girl-guy and this was. Oh, and Alex is such a sub. Like, really. There was a bit I quibbled with in the first sex scene of that with a lack of stretching, but that doesn't really matter. Hmm.

Vampires. Idea was had on Monday and worked on. Did nothing yesterday due to sleeping and, oh yeah, the beautiful engagement of [ profile] nostalgia_lj and [ profile] redistributer. Thought more today. Am getting clearer pictures of the last two of the six main characters. Have emotional arcs for a couple of them but don't have an actual plot. Having written plotless novel-length before, know this is far from wise. Must have plot. Really. But I've got a bit of work on my vampire mythology, which is helpful, and I've got a little on hierarchical structure etc as well.

Re: the engagement. Um. Yeah. I laughed. A lot. Then realised they were serious. And laughed more. I don't think they'll go through with it. But it would be fun if they did. Is funny story anyway. [ profile] nostalgia_lj should write it up and enter it for the Frank Muir Prize.

Must. Work. Have to do work for this team proposal thing by tomorrow. And meant to do work that I was supposed to do weeks/months ago. But, y'know, whatever. Will probably just sit and read slash.
just "read through" qm notes - i.e. stared blankly at page upon page of symbols and equations. the problem is that I can't remember what the explanations mean, let alone the stuff we're supposed to be learning.


nostalgia has gone to bed, apparently, so I now have my computer back. not that I'm going to do anything with it. no, I'm going to read one fic - one! just one! and I know which one, as well! - and then I'm going to do the same for my em notes. and then... well, it's possible I'll do something like work. yeah. right.
so I just finished copying out notes, and i'm having a burst of enthusiasm for astrophysics. I mean, I get to do a course on detecting frickin' exoplanets! dude! how cool is that? and it helps that I did some research on that before so I know what's going on most of the time.

doesn't help that I've made one tut and one out of seven lectures in the past three days. eep. need to sort that out. really, really need to. will work in own time. will. really.

will not sit watching Dr Who. though it is fun. we watched Image of Fendahl earlier, [ profile] edithmatilda and I, and yes, we saw subtext. Adam and Max - the two scientist men that weren't the mad German/Welsh one. it was lovely. Four is good. Seven also, and I like Ace... ah, that was it.
bits I liked from Mask of Fenric and Ghost Light )

wow, I love the way I fit in personal crap when I'm talking about old sci-fi. it really impresses me how self-centred I am. and I really ought to go to bed because I have to get up before noon so I can shower before my doctor's appointment (and he will give me better drugs, or I will do something drastic.)

we wrote slogans on T-shirts with toilet bleach earlier. mine says "May you be as vivid as my hallucinations", which is a bastardisation of a quote from The Surrealist Compliment Generator and is oddly friendly.

I really am going now.
I back.

is good.

will tell of my holiday in Holland. probably. possibly. at some point. or maybe just now. I'm tired, you see, and still hungry, and I'll be going to Tesco soon, but... hmm. and I have to catch up with all the stuff I missed while I was off my lists, etc, etc, etc... yawn.

Holland. flat. snow rain wind wind cold wind rain cold wind. flat. museums, paintings, postcards of paintings. flat. Amsterdam but no drugs because with 'normal' friends. flat. shopping for clothes with Euros. flat. tacky souvenirs. flat. Milosevic in trial. flat. tour of canals. flat. wooden floors and no soundproofing whatsoever. flat. many languages, little Dutch. flat. trains. flat. Leiden and Haarlem and Den Haag and Bergen Aan Zee. flat. delays at the airport each way. flat. Catullus and Pliny and teacher-parents. flat. writing and telling and reading and shops and museums and walking and carrying and flat, flat, flat.

I did, when we got back to Scotland, say with joy, "hills!"

my room smells of smoke - thanks, nostalgia. think will go to shop now, or won't bother to go today so will have to go tomorrow which won't happen and... yeah.

did a bit of writing, mostly for the Valentine challenge I'm doing - that's about sorted. I got a few ideas when we were watching films, but they were all things like "Room With A View" and "Miss Smilla's Feeling For Snow"

I used the computer there once or twice, and the keyboard had extra letters, and so some of the symbols were in the wrong place. was irritating. and (horror of horrors) I couldn't find the slash!
had quantum exam - passed, I'm sure, not particularly well but well enough. am sure. am really sure. *crosses fingers*

came home to find flatmates sensibly still in bed.

of course, this would have nothing to do with the fact that most of them, as far as I know, didn't go to bed until six. I think it's safe to assume that, given that goth set the smoke alarm off at twenty to six, waking me up. and since I didn't get to bed till about three... not smart. and I couldn't get properly back to sleep after the alarm, but that did have me awake so I could check my email before I went to the exam - as you do.

mm. wah. need to study this afternoon - next exam Monday morning. can't be arsed.

there's really something wrong with a system that gives you exams on Saturday mornings. it's inherently evil. bastards.
I have the best hair in the whole world.

Even when nostalgia cuts it, it looks good.

Shame about the rest of me.

But seriously, my hair rocks. It's dark and soft and thick and goth. I *heart* my hair.
[ profile] nostalgia_lj and bitch made me watch "Bring It On" - [ profile] rev_lj too, actually - and now I'm kinda bouncy. Which is... not necessarily of the good. And they fast-forwarded through the tedious romantic bits, so I'm even more convinced of the slashiness of Missy/Torrance than I would have been. Though Torrance/Isis does have potential as well. I'm not going to do it. Really, I'm not.

Well, maybe after exams.

oh yeah, nostalgia and I made a group - Angsty_British_Gay - it's beauteous. It's about any and all characters that the title applies to. I'll snip the one relevant part of my Inaugural Address

We made this group because, really, it's something of an archetype. Giles from Buffy, for starters. He's incredibly English, and he's very angsty, and we all know about the thing with Ethan. Then there's Reed from Enterprise, the first openly bisexual character in the history of Star Trek.

and so on and so forth and go join, already.
so I'm in stirling, on a dial-up, having spent last night with a few old friends getting a bit drunk. this was probably bad of me, but it gave me the opportunity to say "sleep-deprived, medicated, caffeinated and inebriated", because I was.

and Andrew says I can write gay porn about him

ear no longer hurts

going to download some fic
I am home in st andrews. this is a very good thing.

but rev, bitch and nostalgia are occupying my bed. and listening to each other's stomachs.

don't ask.
[Edited] overdosed again.

had to talk to police and paramedics and stand outside in the cold waiting for an ambulance. which was joyous.



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