I have not gone to choir because I am coughing and sneezing and do not want to infect people. This is the fourth rehearsal I have missed so technically I am supposed to talk to, um, someone, to let me be in the concert after missing so many; but I am a tenor and they've been begging for more of us so I doubt it'll actually be an issue. (I missed one out of not realising it had started, one out of laziness, and one out of sleeping through it. Yes, it is an evening rehearsal.) I have been awake all day, it is terrible.

I have read three of my library books, here are a few comments.

The Subversive Stitch: Embroidery and the Making of the Feminine by Roszika Parker. Read more... )
The Archimedes Codex by Reviel Netz and William NoelRead more... )
Normal by Amy Bloom Read more... )

I went to psych-man today, it was not bad, but sometimes I feel like we are repeating outselves; and just because I know something intellectually does not mean I believe it, and he seems to expect otherwise, which is just silly. Some interesting thoughts about self-narrative, how I represent myself as opposed to how others experience me, etc. And I was on time, for once.

Ugh, I have been awake All Day (since before nine in the morning!) and my nose is sore and my throat is tickly and my Lemsip is three years expired, I don't know how that happened. ETA: Now I have run out of tissues. Sigh.
One of my classes today was Computer-Mediated Communication, and because I am interested I have already done the minimum reading for next Friday. I actually found myself contributing to the discussion this morning, which was really cool.

We talked about what CMC covers, obviously - internet and the various modes therein, but also mobiles, etc. Then blather about CMC )

Also, because I mentioned it in class and I can't remember what it's called... Does anyone know the short story - I'm about 70% sure it's by Ray Bradbury - in which a guy is arrested, or maybe committed as a headcase, because he rebels against the culture of constant communication, and he sets off a device on a bus to stop everyone's mobile phones, and watch-communicators, and such, and the last paragraph is a lot of repetition of "watch phone other watch other phone computer watch phone other watch other phone computer..." or something like that? oh bounteous flist...

Now I am going to put sheets on my bed and go to sleep and tomorrow I will work on that shitty shitty report. Dammit.
I went to see The Vagina Monologues - featuring smiley smiley Carol Smillie - and I liked it quite a lot. There was a possibly-drunk woman who did actually yell for the Clit Fact, twice, and about four men in the entire theatre, and about ten people sitting in my row and the one in front left at the interval, and a couple of rows in front of me was a girl in school uniform with two middle-aged women, and the bit about tampons and gyno exams actually fit in quite well with some of the feminist lit I've been reading lately, and... something. The ones that are springing to mind are the really depressing ones. But was mostly funny. And could tell that the three of them were enjoying themselves - despite the fact that I really do need new glasses as they were a bit blurry from my seat in the second-back-row.

I have, actually, sent off the form to see if I get money for glasses. So I might have glasses in a month or so.

la la placement stuff )
I am alive. I am yawwwn. Have done two 'days' of placement though today was like three hours because I had group and yesterday was only introductory but tomorrow I will be doing stuff and then I am off on the music society weekend thing - ooh, forgot to remind parentals, will email - which should be um well yes.

Placement quite cool - am at the Mitchell, most of the time - got a tour round the back rooms - omg so many books I want to live there forever - it's probably worth going on one of the public tours if you're ever around Glasgow at the right time - usually the first Tue of the month, I think, but that could be bullshit. Anyway! Coolness. Tomorrow will be at Hillhead - busiest library in Glasgow, possibly Scotland - and may well end up doing some counter work as well as stock stuff. Next week helping set up for the opening of the new section of the Mitchell - new entrance and cafe and lending section, they have these curvy shelves and stuff, it's rather cool, and my mentor is the person who is running around being organisational and working lots of overtime. And then there's my project, which is a local history thing for Partick, and I will probably ramble about that a lot once I'm started on it.

Group today, I was late because am suck and also because of snow. There was a mention of a thing and I said that I identify more as neuter than female - or, female not feminine, or something - and then I was thinking about that. Because it seemed odd, since I'm feminist and I go on about my boobs and my mooncup and all this and I have pretty dresses sometimes. But then I realised that those might be in reaction to me feeling like I'm "bad at being a woman" - that I reiterate my biological femaleness because I am not confident in my cultural femininity - that I am defiantly female - that it is not something which is natural for me but is a conscious choice on my part - that sometimes I go a bit over the top. Which is why I'm using my tits icon.



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