Word Challenge again. list of results )

So. Like I said. Six female. Three dubious, though all those lean to the male side of neuter. And nineteen male.

What's vaguely amusing is: the first thing that made me think about it was that the CEO is female, and I thought, "hey! that's cool! and hey! so's the scientist! and the professor! awesome! I wonder if they just alternated, or something... OK, a few are obviously based on actual people, that's OK... but wait... wait a minute... DAMMIT!" Or something along those lines, anyway.

Of course, this is, like, displacement activity, because I'm freaking out about the interview Thursday. Tomorrow I'm going to redo the beginner sign language course. And try to do another application. And stuff.

ETA: I switched off and I was lying there waiting to sleep and I suddenly remembered from the email I got a few days that the interview starts at ten and should be done by half-eleven and I went wait what that can't be right but I checked and it is and now I am scared. liek whoa.
So I'm a little competitive. And I've been compulsively playing Word Challenge through Facebook for the last few days. Like, end game, start next, for hours on end, until my back hurts. Because I'm that sad. I am happy to report I just blasted past the competition. Which is. Um. Y'know. My two stepbrothers who probably haven't played it in, god knows how long... wait, they both have scores under weekly. Awesomes.

Anyway. The results are, like, "you have the vocabulary of a journalist" or whatever, and watching them all scroll by... I'm concerned about the gender balance, because I counted 28, and there were maybe six women and a couple of gender neutral.

By the by, I am totally compulsive enough to play towards each result and note them all down, I just haven't yet. And I'm not going to now, I'm going to shut down and get some sleep because I'm tired and my head hurts.

This one time, totally by accident, I got 20000 points exactly. It was a little creepy.

And this other time, the six-letter word was "whored".



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