I mostly failed at sleep last night and I have to get up in the morning to get a train to go to sister's for long weekend. ugh. Also I have not yet packed or anything. But I have washed my hair (for the first time in, um, at least a week, yuck (but it's cooooooold, dammit, whyfor I wanna get nekkid? and then have wet hair?)) and I have a list. And, um. There was something else I did, I think. Hmm.

I've spent a few hours at the parental's project flat this week, stripping wallpaper. It's looking more and more like I might end up living there, which would be awesome, though only marginally less pathetic than living here. Also it is low-pressure time spent with paternal which is good (mostly for keeping him off my back the rest of the time). Though we were talking about job-hunting which was depressing - he was made redundant a few years ago and applying for jobs "every single day" and it took him a year and. aggggghh. I think I ought to give him my report from the work psychologist to read, which basically says I shouldn't worry about work until I'm less mental. But, hello, awkward conversation number seventy-three! ugh ugh agh.

Dammit. Totally gonna turn the 'puter off and sort myself for the morning. Right.
So, youtube is awesome. Over the last few days I've watched all of season one of Sports Night. I read a bunch of fic a couple of years back and could not even buy it on DVD. Having read all that fic, I know the story arcs, but it's still fun to watch. Dan is my favourite, despite being a creepy stalker. Also I love Natalie. And Isaac, of course, as if I couldn't.

I had an interview on Tuesday but did not get the job. Whatevs.

I ran out of juice the other day so I drank wine instead. This may not have been entirely wise.

I have decided the wrap shall be rectangular and cream. I got a ball of the silver from the shop and it is not aggressively silver, it is pale-silver-grey and thus may just look grubby when set against cream. So. I have a plan. I may get some shiny silver for detail work, like, a constellation of stars, or something, but I will wait and see.

I thought there was something else but I seem to be done for now. Ho-hum.
Yesterday, I read an email and said, "Bollocks." Possibly that is not the usual response to getting a job interview. And yet. [It is part-time shelving assistant, and I ticked yes on the disability question so I'm going to go in and be honest about the part where people scare me but I can totally work. Whatever.]

Before that, I was looking at jobs and things, and there was an ad for "sexy cleaners, all sizes". Apparently they make really good money. I'm almost considering it.
!!! But! I!!! Dammit!

I e-mailed woman from interview, because I thought she'd get back to me on Monday, and she didn't, and got an out-of-office autoreply that she is not back until next Monday, and, and! Ugh! I do not need this stress, for true.

So, yeah, I been freaking out and playing stupid online games but I'm gonna stop that and go apply for other jobs and tidy my room and, I dunno. Something vaguely constructive.
It would be wrong of me to tell the interviewer to employ me because I have got to get the hell out of this house. But I could mention it in casual conversation, perhaps.

[Paternal is fretting about my interview tomorrow. It is So Not Helping. Also he was disparaging about the tip that is my room but it merely reflects my internal turmoil, dude! But he is driving me to get the train early tomorrow so I am grateful of course but... ugh, maybe I should just sneak out and get the bus after all.]

[I am totally freaking out, of course. I am going to pack my bag and decide on my jewellery and then sleep, because I have slept liek five hours of the last forty-eight. I skimmed through the interview advice. I have not done half the shit I meant to do. But I did paint my nails. And. I dunno. I will be enthusiastic. And engaging. Or some such.]

[OK OK I prepped, I good, I go sleep now now now or I be dead in morrow. AGH.]
Word Challenge again. list of results )

So. Like I said. Six female. Three dubious, though all those lean to the male side of neuter. And nineteen male.

What's vaguely amusing is: the first thing that made me think about it was that the CEO is female, and I thought, "hey! that's cool! and hey! so's the scientist! and the professor! awesome! I wonder if they just alternated, or something... OK, a few are obviously based on actual people, that's OK... but wait... wait a minute... DAMMIT!" Or something along those lines, anyway.

Of course, this is, like, displacement activity, because I'm freaking out about the interview Thursday. Tomorrow I'm going to redo the beginner sign language course. And try to do another application. And stuff.

ETA: I switched off and I was lying there waiting to sleep and I suddenly remembered from the email I got a few days that the interview starts at ten and should be done by half-eleven and I went wait what that can't be right but I checked and it is and now I am scared. liek whoa.



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