Thing is, it's not so much that I multi-task as that I have a very low boredom threshold, so I have to dip in and out of several things. And 'nando doesn't always like that, esp when they're intensive, and when he's been on long enough that his memory is filling up. So then when I switch pages, or click through, sometimes he'll just grind away for a minute or two - which doesn't sound long, but really is. Man, I need a better 'puter. Or just one that is not filled with crap. Even reformatting 'nando might help, but I'd have to back everything up first and I don't think my CD-writer is working, and I know my pen drives won't talk to him.

Hmm. Grr.

So, I have twelve tabs and three IE windows (because now YouTube isn't working in Firefox for me, damn thing. Which is weird, because embedded vids are fine, but actual YouTube? No way.) and actually, that's all. Huh. I was looking at bungee-jumping earlier, but I might have to get contact lenses first.

Two tabs pristine from my five-tab startup - a jobs site and an email account. My flist and another email account, also on startup. A fic. Four tabs: an interesting-looking profic project and associated rp lj accounts. Two photography blogs - one of cuteness! And this update. Windows are associated cute vids, random jazz and random torchwood vid. [Because Winamp has now befucked itself, most of my computer music is random youtube, and because Realplayer is also vaguely befucked, I actually plugged my CD player back in last night.]

Earlier I was eating re-heated Chinese and drinking dark beer. Yum.

Stupidly, I let myself run out of drugs, so I spent business hours today [yesterday? no, today, because days are just periods-between-sleeps] shivering in bed with the sweats and random highly-weird dreams. That was fun. I don't know if the chemists will be open tomorrow but I'm damn sure going to have a look-see.

That also may be cause of current hyper/random. I pogolise.
*boasts* go here - lookit top rec - is me! *bounces*

um, yeah. it actually... when she feedbacked it, I couldn't remember which one it was, which tells you a little something about how I felt about it - I was never especially proud of it, or anything, I just... wrote it. um. yeah.

there was stuff I wanted to say, but I really can't remember what...

I have this damn talk to do, and now I'm supposed to "liaise" with three other people who are doing talks on the same area of astronomy to make sure our talks complement each other without too much duplication of content. oh. massive. joy. And given that I'm not really sure what I'm going to be talking about yet... *screams*

I don't care, I don't care, I just want to sleep... have had a few disturbed nights now and am just wandering around yawning. boo-hoo.
a beautiful epic of pain from Hoshi Tucker... with original character Sadako! here it is.



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