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[ profile] nostalgia_lj and I were watching random eps of S2 Angel.

In "Darla", there's a scene where Angel has a cord round Lindsey's throat and is choking him for information that Lindsey was about to volunteer. It seemed very reminiscent of Mulder and Krycek.

In "Dead End", they work quite hard at making Lindsey sympathetic. "look, he must shave with his left hand and have his ties tied for him and he can never play his beloved guitar again..." But Lindsey's damn cool. "Let me wipe away the tears with my plastic hand" and other such lines. And he sits there prodding his hand, which is dementedly cute. And oh, my, god, the singing. *is gobsmacked* damn the man has a voice on him. And a bod - I think the semi-nude scenes were compensation for his leaving.

oh, oh, oh, I want a fic where Lindsey didn't leave and so it's him that ends up fucking Wesley, oh, please, oh, oh, oh...

um, sorry 'bout that. So Lindsey's running around all cute and all, and the man in the tank? that he "worked with in the mailroom"? they had so had each other.

I like Lindsey. I like Angel/Lindsey. (fic rec - "Dead End" post-ep, UST by Pet, funny and snarky and mmm...) Oh, the pretty.

What I now want to see is Lindsey/Krycek. Wouldn't it rock so much? pre-"Dead End", post-"Terma", and the two of them being hot together... oh yum. And then you could add in Anakin Skywalker and have a league of semi-evil one-handed men.

oh, the other thing. West Wing character slogans. I only have one - anyone have any more?

Charlie: so much angst, so little screentime
I just accidentally posted this in [ profile] nostalgia_lj's lj, because I'm a mong and she left herself logged in on my computer. So. Cut it from there and reposting in my own lj. Why does stuff like this happen to me?


had a mini-marathon of Buffy - first four eps of season 7. well.
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and I'm now reading "Once a Thief" slash despite... guess what? Never having seen the show. I do know that Vic is played by Nicholas Lea who plays Krycek, though, so I can at least image one. Not that I tend to image characters so much, which is odd. Hmm.

Remember I wanted Krycek/Spike? I haven't been actively looking - may do that later - but I did run across a piece with an OC "played" by James Marsters. Which is, y'know, a step in the right direction.
apart from the fact that I have a visceral reaction to evil!Spike and Angelus, especially when... oh, man, the scene with the Slayer in New York when Spike breaks her neck; it's not just the tight jeans and piercing and leather vest, it's the way he cradles her head so gently and then twists; I am so attracted to him at that moment...

anyway, I'm watching vids, and this one has a clip of when Riley staked Spike. and a little while ago, when I saw that clip, I had a thought. I think it was something to do with the way Spike's body arches. But anyway. After that happens, Spike has an extra hole in his body. I considered writing a fic where Riley... 'uses' that hole. I'm sick. I told you I was sick. Spike just says "sex" to me (god, I wish he would...), I don't like Riley, I'm a sick sick sick individual and there's something wrong with my brain.

and I'm so random right now I thought I'd share that with the world.

I'm sick. I'm sick. I'm so fucking sick.
watched Battle Royale again. too many bunnies to count.

Kawada/Kiriyama (night before game starts, they get put in a room together)
Kiriyama/Mitsuko (AU psycho-couple)
Kawada shoots the two
um... oh, most of them were slashy at one time or another. Shuya/Sugimura, Shuya/Mimura, Shuya/Kawada... oh, Kitano/Noriko... stop me any time...

but was watching with Bitch. hate Bitch now. Bitch must die. Bitch pointed out that in Kawada's final scene, when he's lying on his back... his crotch is higher than his chest. it's one of those things that once you notice it, you can't look at anything else for the entire scene. hate Bitch.

also hate BBC - they showed Once More With Feeling and they cut it drastically. the research song ended at Anya's bunnies riff. Dawn's entry was cut to... one line? lesbian sex stayed, surprisingly enough, but one verse of Spike's song went, all of Dawn's 'escape attempt' dance, other bits and pieces here and there... stupid Auntie.
so I downloaded a few clips from "Never Leave Me".
I'm annoyed.
It doesn't seem as good as "Sleeper", for starters. And then there's Buffy.
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so that was fun... man, I still want to write crazy!Spike. but I just can't. damn.



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