Argh. Bit of a hell-week, and all my own fault, as per usual. Started out failing to go to shops, get prescription, or do laundry - damn, am out of clean knickers. Gah. Anyway.

Wednesday was worst - I had an appointment with the psychiatrist, and it was goddamn cold so I didn't want to go out, and was running a bit late. At the bottom of the drive I slipped on ice and fell on my arse (to the left.) Then waited at the bus-stop for a good fifteen minutes before realising that, due to roadworks, the bus was not running along that road. Started down to the main road, and called dad, because he was off to do flat-stuff, and luckily he was in the house, so I went back so he could give me a lift, and carefully walked to the wall at the bottom of the drive, and at the very last icy step, SPLAT on my arse (to the right.) Then half-an-hour early at Dykebar, so wandered a bit - looked at boarded-up old buildings, and saw lots of birds, including a robin, and also a squirrel, which was cool. Then talked to man. Ugh. At one point he asked a seemingly innocuous question which left me crying uncontrollably. Then, of course, I got a lift back from dad and concentrated on doing up the bathroom instead of, I dunno, actually talking to him about anything.

Anyway, Thursday was recovery, but that's when I ran out of drugs, so Friday I was shivering in bed until five o'clock when I realised 'oh shit still have to go get prescription and they won't be open tomorrow' so I went down for tea and babbled a bit, and dad went and picked it up for me, for which I was of course grateful, but, but, argh. And this morning I was ready, I wanted to go, so of course he was looking for things, and stopping off at B&Q, and finally we got to the flat and the chemist on the ground floor and I got my drugs and that was good.

And I put filler in the holes in the walls and then I took the tiles off the top of the fireplace with hammer and chisel which was loud and lots of hitting things and that was good. Though I did hit myself a few times, and also slice a knuckle.

When I turned on 'nando he was not happy with me and wanted to do lots of terribly slow scanning things. The one good thing about the intermittent bollocksing of mine 'puter is that it lets me pick up a book once in a while. My birthday present from G (which I only got a few weeks ago, which is why it's still at the top of the pile) was Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale and she said her friend liked it despite not liking Rusty, and I'm finding the same thing, really. Interesting, to say the least; seeing the development of the Kylie episode, for example.

Also I have learned the alphabet in Braille. Optically, of course. Maybe I should try making dents in paper. Was it Jefferson or one of the other presidents who could read Braille? He could sit in a darkened theater and read. And his hands would stay warm under the blanket.
I couldn't get to sleep so I stayed up. This morning I went climbing. I did some bouldering and stuff then I went on the main wall going sideways and I hurt myself being dumb - I landed hard on one leg, so it sort of jammed, and is sore up to knee, on the outside. ow.

Then I came home and I slept, that was nice. Then I woke up just in time for tea, and then it was time for Dr Who.

My visible reactions tonight, with a mild sprinkling of spoilers: )
I just started The Unicorn and The Wasp. hmm )

Next week's looks good, I think. Though part of that is me geeking out at the idea of the biggest library in the universe. Hello, mama!

Ho-hum. All I have done this weekend is knit and watch TV. I have one baby bootie and part of a toy elephant. And a new ravelry account - I need to upload some photos and stuff. Do that tomorrow. And re-fill my music beast. Hmm. OK. I have to get up in the morning so I have to slepe now, yes.
The Poison Sky - things I liked )

Now I am going to watch HIGNFY. I hope they blame themselves for Boris as it is their fault I thought he might be a reasonable human being despite Toryness, until a few days ago. And then maybe QI.

Oh, also, I have finished my Klein bottle hat. It is, um, hatlike. It was quite boring to knit - knit one, purl one, ad nauseum. Now I am back to shawl, which is slightly more interesting, but that means more opportunity for mistakes - I had to unravel about ten rows because I'd gotten turned around at some point, when I put it down in the middle of a row. Grr argh. But I am knitted past where I started frogging.

ETA: Oww! HIGNFY as presented by BRIAN BLESSED. My jaw hurts of laugh.

Hmm. Saturdays are about the only time I watch TV, now. And I tend to actually watch iplayer, because I forget when Who starts, or I am eating, or something. So. I am watching. Is good thing.
For once, I remembered the existence of iPlayer. So I has seen DW: Partners in Crime.

I liked it.

brief spoilers )

So. I ain't giving up on it just yet.
I just sat on my bed and it went CRACK! because the slat broke. It is where I sit when I am using 'nando, so I suppose it has been under a greater amount of strain than the others. I may re-arrange the remaining slats later - unless, wait, they're tied together, I'd have to cut that up and then re-arrange. Still. Later, if ever.

I can has Moebius scraf! It has a few mistakes in it but nothing huge so that is good. Now I am attempting lace; not too complicated, but a little bit.

The Google April Fool's almost got me - that is, it would have, if my natural response to Anything cool wasn't "are you serious?". Dammit, I wanna go to Mars! I might even commit to having children if it meant I could go to Mars! Damn you, "Virgle Project"!

TW finale last night may have made me cry, just a little. I can't tell whether or not I'm looking forward to DW tonight. I mean, I'm going to watch it, but... oh shit! it's on earlier than I thought it was! So do I run now or leave it for tomorrow?

I've missed nearly half, now, so I think, I think it can wait. Gah.
I wrote this in the last half-hour, after watching an episode of Sentinel, and I haven't seen that many so it's entirely possible that I've fucked with canon in some way, but it's not like any of you motley lot are rabid Sentinel fans... are you?

Sentinel short which ended up with a tortured and entirely unintended sexuality metaphor )


Was over at [ profile] nostalgia_lj's last night. Much wank was talked, mostly about either Dr Who or science (the latter of which is supposedly my field, which left me frantically scrambling through my mind in order to find anything at all I remembered about, y'know, gravitons and semi-conductors and the size of the Universe. And don't start. Seriously. This got talked at, in circles, until six a.m. Not my fault. Not [ profile] edithmatilda's either. I wonder who it could have been.) I also read 4 EDAs. Um. Hang on...

random blah and I suppose it's spoilery if you haven't read them - Escape Velocity, The Fall Of Yquatine, The Slow Empire, The Crooked World )
Oh, balls. I'm babbling now, aren't I? That took up the next half-hour. Oh look, eight o'clock, John Doe, I guess I'll go now.
having just watched "Battlefield" with [ profile] ogam, have found my favourite canon couple ever in the entirety of TV. Ancelyn and Brigadier Winifred Bambera. They so cute!!!

And yes, I'm just posting this so I remember to fic them at some point, so you don't have to look at the quotes.
quotes )
so I just finished copying out notes, and i'm having a burst of enthusiasm for astrophysics. I mean, I get to do a course on detecting frickin' exoplanets! dude! how cool is that? and it helps that I did some research on that before so I know what's going on most of the time.

doesn't help that I've made one tut and one out of seven lectures in the past three days. eep. need to sort that out. really, really need to. will work in own time. will. really.

will not sit watching Dr Who. though it is fun. we watched Image of Fendahl earlier, [ profile] edithmatilda and I, and yes, we saw subtext. Adam and Max - the two scientist men that weren't the mad German/Welsh one. it was lovely. Four is good. Seven also, and I like Ace... ah, that was it.
bits I liked from Mask of Fenric and Ghost Light )

wow, I love the way I fit in personal crap when I'm talking about old sci-fi. it really impresses me how self-centred I am. and I really ought to go to bed because I have to get up before noon so I can shower before my doctor's appointment (and he will give me better drugs, or I will do something drastic.)

we wrote slogans on T-shirts with toilet bleach earlier. mine says "May you be as vivid as my hallucinations", which is a bastardisation of a quote from The Surrealist Compliment Generator and is oddly friendly.

I really am going now.



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