I came over to house last night and promptly got eaten by the internet; stayed up all night reading crap fic, slept all day, did not actually do half what I meant to; parentals have gone out both evenings; planned to get the bus back while they were out but failed and am now waiting for them to come back so I can get a lift.

Argh. Money issues etc continue, but I finally got my arse into gear and went and applied for housing benefit, which is a good step, and I phoned the gas company to change over the account (the electricity had an online thing and oddly enough got achieved like a month ago).

I have way too much stuff. I am now at the point (again?) of throwing my hands up and saying, jesus, too much, may as well just throw all this stuff out because I won't even notice 95% of it is gone. Which is not entirely true but it damn well feels like it.

I re-read 'The Fifth Child' by Doris Lessing, which was an odd experience. It is a book I did for Higher English; it creeped me out quite a lot at the time, which stuck with me through, christ, ten years. On re-reading, I managed to identify a few of the issues which freaked me out so badly, stuff about the destruction of the family, the danger of maternity (I have this whole irrational issue linking femininity to death) and suchlike. Also of course this was just after my mother died. Anyway, I re-read it from a more analytical perspective and hope that has helped; but it was odd because I must have read it a dozen times, and before I picked it up I couldn't have told you more than the bare outlines, but I kept recognising parts of it and feeling like I could have quoted them by heart.

Anyway, then I read the sequel, 'Ben, In The World' and I enjoyed it quite a bit. It's kind of odd, again, especially reading them in the same day, because in the first book Ben is basically your archetypal changeling/monster child, and then in the second he's the central sympathetic character. He's still depicted as being 'wrong' but it leads to him being taken advantage of, etc, and it's a very different perspective on the character. I guess that's part of what makes a Nobel-winning author.

Also I watched the Star Wars trilogy, again, and I realised something. The rebel base at the end of the first film, the outside is filmed at Tikal. Which I have visited. I have watched the films before and since, but I don't remember noticing before. I was just looking at it, just when they return from destroying the Death Star, I think, and thought, those bits of stone temple sticking up out of the trees, those look awfully familiar... So I have been to Yavin IV.
I think this week was our summer. Today was not quite as nice, I believe? I don't know because I was asleep. But four straight days of beautiful sunshine. It was quite nice. God, to be warm again, unbelievable. I got sunburned on Tuesday. (That day was quite good. We took a trip to a little local museum, and it took over two hours to get there, then about half an hour in the museum to do what we needed to do. Then we saw the old church. Then we went to Castle Dangerous (I kid ye not, that is the name, but it is a Walter Scott-ism) and then for a little walk in the woods, and then we came back. I was not very burned - my upper arm and upper chest are still pink, but lower arms have faded to tan. It was fun, anyway.)

I'm sure there were other things about this week that I was going to say. Oh, today, during sleep, some of my dreaming was Ronon/Rodney. Which was slightly odd, as they're the pair I have most trouble with in the OT4 I'm attempting to write. So. Yeah.

And tonight, I went to see Iron Man. And I took paper and pen, so below I quote then extrapolate. Extensively.

Toooooony! )

Oh, that was the other thing. Burma. Myanmar. The cyclone. I donated to Doctors Without Borders - they're out there, they're helping.
Especially [livejournal.com profile] nostalgia_lj who said, "don't worry, you can sit and work while we watch DS9," and kept putting on more episodes, and, oh, is making me write Bobslash except I just worked out how to do the Sloan thing, because for him it's more academic lust so all I need to do... you'll see, probably.

And [livejournal.com profile] redistributer for bringing over Highlander 4: Endgame and then making me miss about ten percent of Methos' dialogue. But... the voices! Are not right! And... gah, gah, gah, wanted to get slash bunnies and instead got, "I wonder what Joe and Methos were wandering around doing that they could turn up in time and have the right information and so on and so forth," and "I wonder how many kills Methos has made in 5000 years and if Kell's quickening was that big, then, hoo-boy for when Methos bites it." Oh, and the fact that him doing that made me stay up too late to get enough sleep so I had to stay up because otherwise I wouldn't be up in time for my lecture and I decided I was going to be good for the last few weeks of term. Not that I've done any of the work I was supposed to, of course, but the least I can do is make it to the lectures.

My head hurts. I need sleep. And caffeine. And chocolate. And... chocolate.
[livejournal.com profile] nostalgia_lj and bitch made me watch "Bring It On" - [livejournal.com profile] rev_lj too, actually - and now I'm kinda bouncy. Which is... not necessarily of the good. And they fast-forwarded through the tedious romantic bits, so I'm even more convinced of the slashiness of Missy/Torrance than I would have been. Though Torrance/Isis does have potential as well. I'm not going to do it. Really, I'm not.

Well, maybe after exams.

oh yeah, nostalgia and I made a group - Angsty_British_Gay - it's beauteous. It's about any and all characters that the title applies to. I'll snip the one relevant part of my Inaugural Address

We made this group because, really, it's something of an archetype. Giles from Buffy, for starters. He's incredibly English, and he's very angsty, and we all know about the thing with Ethan. Then there's Reed from Enterprise, the first openly bisexual character in the history of Star Trek.

and so on and so forth and go join, already.
nostalgia, Bitch and I went to see "Two Towers"

was fun

I think I laughed more than I was supposed to, but... hmm. should probably cut this )

I'll probably write more some other time, but... whatever. it was fun.
went for walk along pier. was horrendously exciting.

boys went to only pub still open, will be back later. sisters are upstairs. I going to shower.

I want to see Two Towers! and I want to see CoS as well, and I'm just so not going to get round to seeing both of them, so I'm guessing it's CoS that'll be dropped. damnit.

also horrendously bored. being as it is Christmas, and I didn't get any books, and I just can't be bothered reading fic right now. but. whatever. and I have no mail. I never have any mail (*sob*) - except of course when I'm away for a couple of days and somehow get enough absolutely huge things to break my limit on hotmail, despite the fact that I run at around 50% full. bastards. anyway. shower.
watched Battle Royale again. too many bunnies to count.

Kawada/Kiriyama (night before game starts, they get put in a room together)
Kiriyama/Mitsuko (AU psycho-couple)
Kawada shoots the two
um... oh, most of them were slashy at one time or another. Shuya/Sugimura, Shuya/Mimura, Shuya/Kawada... oh, Kitano/Noriko... stop me any time...

but was watching with Bitch. hate Bitch now. Bitch must die. Bitch pointed out that in Kawada's final scene, when he's lying on his back... his crotch is higher than his chest. it's one of those things that once you notice it, you can't look at anything else for the entire scene. hate Bitch.

also hate BBC - they showed Once More With Feeling and they cut it drastically. the research song ended at Anya's bunnies riff. Dawn's entry was cut to... one line? lesbian sex stayed, surprisingly enough, but one verse of Spike's song went, all of Dawn's 'escape attempt' dance, other bits and pieces here and there... stupid Auntie.



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