I just stayed up most of the night watching "The Mentalist" on Demand Five (which I very nearly typed as Damned Five). This is because I am planning on going to an intimidating shop tomorrow. I mean today.

Anyway. Show is rather clever and reasonably low on moments that make me cringe with embarrassment. Also I was sure I recognised the lead female so I looked her up on imdb and she was one of the girls in The Craft. I am not saying it is OhGodMustWatch but it is enjoyable and all four eps so far are currently available free. So.

"If I tell you how [the trick]'s done, the Magic Circle will send a team of assassins to kill us all. It's the law."
So, youtube is awesome. Over the last few days I've watched all of season one of Sports Night. I read a bunch of fic a couple of years back and could not even buy it on DVD. Having read all that fic, I know the story arcs, but it's still fun to watch. Dan is my favourite, despite being a creepy stalker. Also I love Natalie. And Isaac, of course, as if I couldn't.

I had an interview on Tuesday but did not get the job. Whatevs.

I ran out of juice the other day so I drank wine instead. This may not have been entirely wise.

I have decided the wrap shall be rectangular and cream. I got a ball of the silver from the shop and it is not aggressively silver, it is pale-silver-grey and thus may just look grubby when set against cream. So. I have a plan. I may get some shiny silver for detail work, like, a constellation of stars, or something, but I will wait and see.

I thought there was something else but I seem to be done for now. Ho-hum.
I wrote this two days ago, on the train, I swear. I hadn't seen the episode with Jubal Early in it, though I had heard of it and read fic involving it. I didn't know Mal's line: "Girl knows things, things she shouldn't, things she couldn't." It's entirely possible the concept swam into my brain from a fic and this was the result, though. And I'm posting it now because it's apposite, and because I can't be arsed doing any more work on it.

Ooh, but, that ep. Some things I loved cut for spoilers )

la fic )
So I just watched this Young Americans vid and it got me thinking about the show (shitty Dawson's Creek rip-off, I was bored and the boys were pretty) and one plot in particular.

It's an all-boy school. Though it has a sister school just across the way. But anyway...
Jake is a girl who disguises herself as a boy to attend said school (don't ask). Hamilton is actually a boy. They become friends. Eventually Jake kisses Hamilton, then runs away, then later Hamilton kisses Jake and promptly freaks out about being gay, at which point Jake reveals her femininity. And in the last ep we have "they're together!" "It's OK, Jake's a girl." Implying that it wouldn't be OK if Jake was actually a boy.

It's not simply the implied homophobia that annoys me about that, but also the fact that it would be a far stronger storyline if they were both boys. True, it would invalidate a large portion of Jake's generic angst, but surely the angst of battling against ingrained self-perception etc - though that would be more H than J. But they could really have made it an issue. Not to mention the fact that H just looks gay.

Of course, if I'd written it, H would be gay and thus end up not actually wanting J when it turned out she was a girl.

And I really need to stop procrastinating.
and another GIP

and I'm trying to decide which icon to depose in favour of a Trent one I haven't made yet, as I am currently sitting downloading wavs from Daria

but Trent's voice! is not monotone! and... I thought it was and I put it in my fic and it... but... agh!
Missed last bus, as thought buses ran later than they did.

Am annoyed, as I only stayed here till today so I could watch Firefly - which was very good and worth staying to see, but, y'know...

I'm going to have a Firefly squee at some point, I'm sure. But. Y'know. As of now, cannot be arsed. Oh, and am on the boy's 'puter and it's playing anime muzak which is really bugging me so I'm running away now.

Will be back home tomorrow. Will. Really. Otherwise you may hear of a family in Renfrew being horribly killed. Just to warn you.
Especially [livejournal.com profile] nostalgia_lj who said, "don't worry, you can sit and work while we watch DS9," and kept putting on more episodes, and, oh, is making me write Bobslash except I just worked out how to do the Sloan thing, because for him it's more academic lust so all I need to do... you'll see, probably.

And [livejournal.com profile] redistributer for bringing over Highlander 4: Endgame and then making me miss about ten percent of Methos' dialogue. But... the voices! Are not right! And... gah, gah, gah, wanted to get slash bunnies and instead got, "I wonder what Joe and Methos were wandering around doing that they could turn up in time and have the right information and so on and so forth," and "I wonder how many kills Methos has made in 5000 years and if Kell's quickening was that big, then, hoo-boy for when Methos bites it." Oh, and the fact that him doing that made me stay up too late to get enough sleep so I had to stay up because otherwise I wouldn't be up in time for my lecture and I decided I was going to be good for the last few weeks of term. Not that I've done any of the work I was supposed to, of course, but the least I can do is make it to the lectures.

My head hurts. I need sleep. And caffeine. And chocolate. And... chocolate.
I just downloaded this Gambit/Rogue vid - from the cartoon, obviously - and I'd forgotten how soppy I was about them. It was just... theirlovewassopure!! I'll just sit and squee over it... No, but, I'm sure I missed lots of reasons why they weren't, and I'm sure in the comics they were, but... aagh. In the cartoons, that I saw, there was much sweetness there. And angst, of course, but high saccharine levels nonetheless. I just loved them so much. Aww.

Mind, I am being forced to use Nutscrape because Exploiter is now refusing to work on my 'puter half the time. Grr.

I am sick.

Mar. 18th, 2003 09:15 pm
I was watching Highlander vids (no, this isn't why I'm sick, this is background) which were mainly D/M and as such including lots of clips of Duncan and Methos and there was this one clip. Just two, three seconds. Methos fires a gun and lowers it with this little smirk on his face. And when I saw that, I just... guh. Would have fallen to my knees for him right then and there.

He's quite attractive at other times - sometimes he has cute-geeky thing going and other times he's being all sword-fighty and hot, and other times there's lovely snark-face, but that was just. guh.

So that's why I'm sick. Methos-with-gun. Spike-snapping-neck (and many, many other moments...). Alex... uh, Alex, though not Agent Krycek, not really until Tunguska. But still. On a more minor level, there's Dru-killing-Kendra and hyena-Xander and dark-Willow and Faith-in-Five-by-Five and occasional Tyr and random people... um. Anyway.

Did I mention I'm sick?

I'm sure it's just an extension of the bad-boy fetish which I so don't feel at all safe to indulge in real life so I take it out on fictional characters, as I do with so many of my issues, but still...

sick, sick childe.
came home
should work
may work

here is stuff I wrote over the past day or two.

so I’ve stopped lusting after James Marsters and started lusting after Nick Lea. I can’t decide whether this is a good thing or not. I mean, obviously they’re both lust-worthy, and yet…

mmm. Nick.

see, I downloaded a Highlander vid by mistake and I kept it because it was Cory Raines/Amanda, so, Nick. Weird thing, though – I think he’s taller than the guy that plays Duncan Macleod, and that was just a cognitive dissonance for me because I’ve been reading so much fic, and Duncan’s always the hulking great Scot, whereas for NL characters the writers always seem to emphasise the near-femininity of his features, which leads to false associations of a more delicate frame, which, dude. No.
Oh, but I noticed a shot where the camera was tilted making it appear as though DM was the taller of the two. Which suggests that it’s a deliberate thing on the part of the people who made Highlander, that Duncan is the all-conquering hero and he is bigger and better than absolutely everyone. Oh, but another shot from that vid with the hands on the hips and the absolute campness of everybody… dear me. It almost makes me regret deleting the Duncan/Tessa because of the “ew, het!”

It occurred to… nostalgia, actually… that I am largely a slash writer. See, I think of myself as bitextual, but really, I’m only mildly so. Which is a bit weird for me. But anyway…

ooh, also… X-Files vid, noticed that in his first ep, there’s a scene with Mulder and Krycek walking down the street and because of the slope of the pavement Krycek is noticeably shorter. Which goes with the younger greener agent who is not at all a threat, thank you very much, but still. And then in clips from later on there’s much more equality between them in terms of that. And now I’ve noticed this I’m not going to stop. Damn.

oh, another thing about Highlander fic that I just can’t stand. Duncan keeps being described as “broody even for a Scot”. And suchlike. And, hello. I am a Scot. I do not appreciate the stereotyping. And also? He’s so not.

The capsules I’m currently taking rattle as I swallow them. It’s quite disconcerting. And no, my top drawer isn’t starting to resemble a pharmacy.

Hmm. All I need is another couple of packets of painkillers, and I can pull a Bitch. Wouldn’t that be fun?

I wish I was pretty… *pouts*

The massive Krycek-POV is now over 15,000 words long, and they still haven’t had sex. This is just getting unnatural.

I’ve found a few other things I ought to finish writing, but I can’t really be bothered. And, y’know… just. whatever. Should work, too. Won’t. Dammit. Have lost coherency. Is not helpful.

But grr! to the lack of Internet and grr! to the lack of inspiration and grr! to my inability to work and grr! to the entire world! I can’t think! and it’s three weeks into term and I’ve fallen well behind already, and I don’t have any more chocolate and I just want to sit and read fic but I can’t and… grr!

have eaten much chocolate. feel a little sick. doubt will get any work done. oh well.
OK, so here's the problem with reading fic for a still-running show - in this case, X-Files - which you, to all intents and purposes, gave up on years ago.


I knew the really basic plot. I knew about the ending, because it was debated incessantly in the fandom. But I didn't know spoiler, for anyone else who hasn't seen season eight but actually cares about it )

ok, so it's probably just me having messed-up patterns that make me over-emotional, but still...



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