Tonight I went to Embra and saw Neil Gaiman, he read a chapter from the Graveyard Book and he answered some questions and he signed my book (and I told him about giving John Barrowman our copy of Odd and the Frost Giants) and drew a gravestone round my name which seems to be what he does for signing that book. (Two people in front of me was a girl who also had a copy of The Dangerous Alphabet, which seems to get "K is for Katie" or, y'know, and she took a Polaroid and he defaced it, and seemed to have fun with that. And then he refilled his fountain pen, which was interesting to watch.)

And I should have worn more clothes because I got quite cold at various points during travel. And I should not really have waited for signing (half-an-hour, and I was not even half-way down the queue) because I missed the last bus and got the train to paisley instead (hoping buses went later there, which was in vain and wrong) and then I walked because it is only a few miles and I felt like warm out of exertion.

Before he came on there was classical music playing - I recognised a bit of Grieg, a bit of Vivaldi - and then the theme from The Addams Family and, I kid you not, at least a quarter of the audience clicked their fingers. It was magic. Then, um, The Monster Mash and then Ghostbusters and then he came on and talked. Music after included Werewolves of London, the Time Warp, and Bat Out of Hell.

Apparently there will be a podcast on the bookshop's website in a few days, I hope it includes the Q&A as it was entertaining. There was a question about vampires vs werewolves, and he said that was silly because it depends on which vampires and which werewolves. And there was the inevitable question about whether he would write with PTerry again, and he said most likely not, but last time they saw each other they were sitting next to each other at some award ceremony and, having caught up on families etc, spent five minutes saying "never happen" "of course not" etc, then "would be nice though"... followed by "I wonder what Aziraphale and Crowley are doing now." "They're probably living in a house together." and plotting.

The house is cold and my hands are cold and my gloves are far away so I will just go to sleep now.
Yesterday I forgot to take my drugs. Also I am bleeding. And have been eating badly. So today was not particularly nice physically.

But I bought a laptop on ebay the other day and it arrives, which was exciting, and I don't know the network key so it is not online and so I wrote over 5000 words of fic this evening, which is a fair chunk of what I need by July, so go me. Maybe I will not get internet for that 'puter till I am done writing a first draft, because it distracts me so. Then again. It possibly needs a new battery. And I didn't realise it had a trackstick, which I'm not hugely keen on, but it's livable. And it wasn't partic'lrly 'spensive.

Shadow Unit are having their season finale this week, and I am getting quite excited about it. Also, I can read that website at the office, because it isn't obviously a forbidden site (as livejournal is, poo) so I read the first two installments when I was supposed to be working, which was bad of me but immensely satisfying (and the stuff I was doing was boring as all hell, so, y'know). If you haven't been reading it, it is... hang on. "A mystery/suspense show, a cop show, a profiler show--but with a science-fictional problem at its heart." I like it a lot. Also a few of the characters have ljs, which is oddly satisfying (but I spent an entire weekend reading through the backlog, so beware time-suck).

God. I really need to tidy my room, and do laundry, and I have a whole lot of wool so I need to stop buying more, and, oh yeah. Today I completely failed to make the deadline for a job application, by sitting here for hours on end reading fic. I am made of self-sabotage, clearly. Which sucks. And I have failed to call my advisor-woman for yet another week. and and and argh. But! 5000 words! win!
Mysterious writing that is obviously just English backwards does not fool people. Especially not people with twisty brains.

Sorry. Am reading fic in other tab.

Anyway. Ficletage, because I don't want to work.

Atlantis, Beckett, Teyla, smoking, non-specific post-ep... it's more of an anti-smoking polemic, actually, brought on by the cigarette I had on the way home from choir )

While writing this, I read a fair amount of Atlantis fic - which is why this is 'lantis, because I was reading it anyway - and made myself tea and a Pot Noodle and managed to pour scalding water over my index finger in the process. Ow.

Also, I went trick-or-treating in KoL. Some were good, some were bad, but this I have a deep and beauteous love for:

Atten-shun! Present treat bag! Happy Halloween, recruit! You're the shabbiest pile of no-good Bugbear droppings I've ever seen! Your mama must've dropped you on your head when you were little! You're the ugliest, most pathetic little worm I've ever seen trying to crawl his way into this Goblin's platoon!

Oh, hey, wait, don't cry... I was just funning with you, little soldier. Here, take these and you can grow up to be big and strong, just like me!

You acquire an item: Knob Goblin steroids
And another thing.

The title of the last show in the first series of Sports Night is "What Kind of Day Has it Been?"

This title is better known to me as the title of the last show in the first series of The West Wing.

Both of these shows are written by Aaron Sorkin.

I'm just saying, re-using titles is not something you should do. No matter if it's one of the better titles from a series with such stellar examples as women's names and random quotes from the script proper.

And I'm not saying I'd do any better, in fact most of my titles are fairly shitty, but... these people are professionals. And I tend to think that someone who gets paid to do something I would love to do for a living ought to be a little better at it than I am!

That is all.
So I'm still reading scripts and my god the slashiness of that show at times, and I don't even get the way they look at each other or anything, I just get the actual written text and sub that is so very there...

And I have to go collect my laundry. But I'm waiting for the last song on the CD to finish.

And yes, I am attempting to use all of my icons at least once as soon as possible. You got a problem with that?
So I found the corkscrew and I opened a bottle of red wine. Now, I don't drink much wine, but it's grown on me, and I have a feeling this bottle will be gone before I get on the bus home. Though I have no idea how wine-tasters do it. And I really need to work on my descriptors. Because while I get "sort of fruity and sharp", they apparently get "mature notes of cassis, raspberries and moccha combined with smoky flavours".

And the bit before? I just read the episode where AC and BC has occurred, and I have to say, even knowing that it's coming? It's a shock. And when A finds out that B has slept with C, he doesn't actually state it, he just points out the tell. And the audience work it out for themselves. Which is good.

And I'm really feeling weird about having lots of icons, because I have to, like, choose which one to use. And while one out of three isn't that hard a choice, one out of ten is. But. Yeah.
You know the way they have different drafts of a script on different colours of paper? And at the top of the script they have a list of the revised scripts and their correlating colours?

Isn't that just precious?

And don't they use the weirdest-ass colours sometimes?

And, y'know, pretty soon I'm gonna be going home to kith and kin and I'm currently chowing down on Ryvita so I'm not the bounciest of children right now. But that may change if I find a corkscrew.
I know I shouldn't be criticising professionals. But I'm sitting reading my way through scripts for Sports Night.

And there's this teeny bit of word choice which I don't like at all. And hey, I'm editing this for spoilers even though it's for the middle of the first season of a defunct show. So. Y'know.

THE "___" EPISODE, IN WHICH male A, male B AND female C

The word "various" is my problem here, because all the combinations I'm seeing are AB, AC, BC, and ABC. Now, in my world, four doesn't really amount to various. But since this is the kind of show it is, the only valid pairings are AC and BC. Two possible combinations. Two is in no way denoted by various. Various, to me at least, has the same sort of connotations as several. Definitely more than two.

It was just that I looked at it and I immediately caught that the slash pairing was inherently wrong. So. Oops.

It's just that I'd been a little busy with the Aaron-Sorkin-worship and that jolted me out of it and into hysterical laughter.

And I'm just gonna go keep reading now.
as [ profile] snowballjane is a lovely person and trusts us to reimburse her for using her non-evil card to pay. so now I have many icons. yon. mwa-ha-ha.

Have ten. Half are btvs. But most of them are somewhat old-skool. And, y'know, it was buffy screencaps I was searching tonight. I'll probably change them soon. But. Yes. Anyway.

Others are from obscure fandoms. Have made more than that. Need to sit down and sort them out and might do that but might just go to bed even though it's horrendously early.

I should put the words from this one in context, really. They are a quote. Barely. "[The Arrangement] meant that Crowley had been allowed to develop Manchester, while Aziraphale had a free hand in the whole of Shropshire. Crowley took Glasgow, Aziraphale had Edinburgh (neither claimed any responsibiliy for Milton Keynes, but both reported it as a success)." And that still doesn't make much sense if you don't know Good Omens, but it's a good book so you should. So there. Um. Yeah.
I didn't post over the holiday weekend? How odd!!

Oh wait. Somebody was using my computer. Quite a lot.

Oh, and I was buried in Ghostbusters fic (yeah, bite me) all of which was longer than it appeared to be.

And I had a concert and I sang and it was good.

And I slept. And I didn't. And I'm tired. And I really ought to work.

And I am going to work. Except...

I want to make a recs page/redesign my site, the homepage at least/make iconses/write fic/do stuff that is not work in the slightest.

And, uh, yawn.

Oh, and I was musing while stuff loaded:

It's interesting how emphasis affects the message. For example, with "you're not allowed to kill people":
you're not allowed to kill people - but other people are
you're not allowed to kill people - no matter how much you want to
you're not allowed to kill people - because that's just the law and you have to be rational about it
you're not allowed to kill people - but maiming them's all right
you're not allowed to kill people - just poor defenceless little animals

or, y'know, something. yawn. bored. ought to go work. and eat. or something. grr. coherency - not happ'nin'.
The problem with being a fandom whore - oh, and reading way the hell too much - is that I keep forgetting where quotes come from. i.e. "I'll rip his heart out with a spoon." "Uh... spoons are blunt." "Precisely. That way it'll hurt more." In fact... is that from Hercules, or something? It just jumped into my head and it fits any number of villains, though the dumb sidekick narrows it down a little. Um. Anyway.

But I do sometimes find myself mixing up characterisations, say halfway through a story I'll start writing Draco-voice instead of Spike. Or Krycek. Or Crowley (reading way too much Good Omens fic. need to read book before next attempt to write it. will. honest.) Or... um. yeah.

gah gah gah head is dead really ought to sleep. in fact, will go to bed now. honest.
[ profile] nostalgia_lj decided to see if Julian/Judas ("that would be amazing," she comments, "Julian/Judas fic." Oh dear.) could swim. So put hamster in sink. In small amount of water. And could swim. And was very swiftly removed. We dried hamster with hair-dryer.

Have been reading excessive amounts of Good Omens fic, and now some L/G as well because of a recs page. Um. I have a lecture at ten, and I'm supposed to go to a meeting of my tut group at eleven (and we assign the marks for this thing between us - well, we get a percentage then divide it by four (as it is worth 25% of total for course - i.e. if group gets 80, then each gets 20), or divide it differently (i.e., for 80, two get 25 and two get 15), and they all know what a useless fuckup I am but I think - hope - that they're too nice to do anything but equal marks. But then T has done unbelievable amounts of work and we all know it. But then he's already got shit-good marks for this and it doesn't matter. So. Um. Anyway.

Stomach hurts. Ow. Um. Should. Sleep, or something. Want to write stuff. Really ought to work. Will end up reading, as always.
Believe have convinced tut group and tutor that am insane. Am quite happy about this. Told about vampires in head (latest novel idea, see later). Also fic addiction, was given suggestion of making character do physics to help me do work, responded "Krycek wouldn't do physics!" (previous statement having been "technical cases don't have pretty green-eyed men"). Other guy then said something about Mr Darcy with an IR telescope, to which I responded that I don't write Pride and Prejudice fic though I have read slash of it, "but you don't know what that means, which is probably actually quite a good thing."

Read Krycek/Scully earlier. Am semi-horrified at self. Read two stories in different places, though they were both quite good. I only read the second because it turned out to have Scully fisting Krycek and I'd been looking for a girl-fisting-guy because it seems to me that it's a power trip for the top and I've seen a fair few guy-guy and one or two guy-girl so I wanted to see girl-guy and this was. Oh, and Alex is such a sub. Like, really. There was a bit I quibbled with in the first sex scene of that with a lack of stretching, but that doesn't really matter. Hmm.

Vampires. Idea was had on Monday and worked on. Did nothing yesterday due to sleeping and, oh yeah, the beautiful engagement of [ profile] nostalgia_lj and [ profile] redistributer. Thought more today. Am getting clearer pictures of the last two of the six main characters. Have emotional arcs for a couple of them but don't have an actual plot. Having written plotless novel-length before, know this is far from wise. Must have plot. Really. But I've got a bit of work on my vampire mythology, which is helpful, and I've got a little on hierarchical structure etc as well.

Re: the engagement. Um. Yeah. I laughed. A lot. Then realised they were serious. And laughed more. I don't think they'll go through with it. But it would be fun if they did. Is funny story anyway. [ profile] nostalgia_lj should write it up and enter it for the Frank Muir Prize.

Must. Work. Have to do work for this team proposal thing by tomorrow. And meant to do work that I was supposed to do weeks/months ago. But, y'know, whatever. Will probably just sit and read slash.
I have an OTP for LOTRPS.

I have lost my mind.

I am actually surprisingly shippy about some things. But... oh, man. This is so not fair.

Have done no work yet this holiday and really need to, dammit.

I am fairly openminded about fic, but then occasionally... there are certain characters I refuse to see as sexual. and I generally get squicked by cross-generational and rape. other than that... I'm easy.

My father said today that I was getting a little too deep into the fiction. Like, gee, pop, ya think? He also said I was his "grumpy difficult wee baby".

I do get in too deep. But I'd rather inhabit the worlds in the fic than the world I have. So. Dammit, need to sleep, need to work, need to... something.
Note to self - stop reading depression-fic. especially good depression-fic. oh, and try not to press the other buttons either, cancer-fic being a notable one, uh... but depression-fic. just read one - it was a Sports Night rec and there's few enough of them around and I don't think it actually mentioned the depression so I started reading and I didn't stop and... um. just. don't know.

did, however, learn what anhedonia means.

it's just, when you find yourself identifying with something the character says near the beginning, and said character subsequently attempts suicide and gets committed, you just... y'know?
I worked. a little. stuff that I had to do for tomorrow. so.

it was slightly entertaining in parts, because I had to critically evaluate my essay and Jenny's, and also read the other two - one of which was just a little, um... poetic? in the introduction. "heretical disbelievers" etc, so on. this is physics. not theology.

nostalgia says she will write to His Holiness, Pope John Paul II and ask if it's heretical not to believe in black holes. she suspects he will say no.

read quite a bit earlier. was annoyed to find a couple of fics from the recs page - that looked quite good, dammit! - were no longer in place or even no longer on-line.
and now I can't remember where to find an archive from which I want to re-read a story. I mean, it's "guilty pleasure" fic, it's Sports Night, f'r cryin' out loud, it doesn't matter... not that fic does, I just feel more justified in complaining about it if it's a fandom I write in, or even watch. so. um. yeah.
I just accidentally posted this in [ profile] nostalgia_lj's lj, because I'm a mong and she left herself logged in on my computer. So. Cut it from there and reposting in my own lj. Why does stuff like this happen to me?


had a mini-marathon of Buffy - first four eps of season 7. well.
random comments )

and I'm now reading "Once a Thief" slash despite... guess what? Never having seen the show. I do know that Vic is played by Nicholas Lea who plays Krycek, though, so I can at least image one. Not that I tend to image characters so much, which is odd. Hmm.

Remember I wanted Krycek/Spike? I haven't been actively looking - may do that later - but I did run across a piece with an OC "played" by James Marsters. Which is, y'know, a step in the right direction.
Are all writers of NC-17 truly voyeurs at heart?

I ask this because I was reading a meta which had several writers watching the boys fucking, and getting off on it. So. I ask.

Because really, what's the point in writing graphic sex if it doesn't do something for you? or other people?

um. yeah. that's all.
fic. Scully says a very sincere "Suicide is a sin, and not one you can ever atone for."

apart from the fact that she's your cliche Catholic in a lot of fic (though not particularly in this one, that's just a generic peeve)

what the fuck is up with that?

my life. my death. my decision. shut the hell up.
hate lj. lj is not posting. or something.

there's a fic I read where the twist was that Alex Krycek turns out to actually be Samantha. the scary thing is that I thought of that a couple of days ago while reading a different fic.

oh, and this is just so beautiful, I had to share. the box was given to Krycek first, obviously.

At first, the contents didn't register. The smell of mold permeated his senses, and he looked into the box uncomprehending. There was a rust pitted machete, a wristwatch, and lying beneath them...

Mulder turned and vomited.

...Bones. There were bones. Bones with pieces of dead flesh on them, the ends of them splintered and broken, rife with deeply hacked indentations.



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