I have not gone to choir because I am coughing and sneezing and do not want to infect people. This is the fourth rehearsal I have missed so technically I am supposed to talk to, um, someone, to let me be in the concert after missing so many; but I am a tenor and they've been begging for more of us so I doubt it'll actually be an issue. (I missed one out of not realising it had started, one out of laziness, and one out of sleeping through it. Yes, it is an evening rehearsal.) I have been awake all day, it is terrible.

I have read three of my library books, here are a few comments.

The Subversive Stitch: Embroidery and the Making of the Feminine by Roszika Parker. Read more... )
The Archimedes Codex by Reviel Netz and William NoelRead more... )
Normal by Amy Bloom Read more... )

I went to psych-man today, it was not bad, but sometimes I feel like we are repeating outselves; and just because I know something intellectually does not mean I believe it, and he seems to expect otherwise, which is just silly. Some interesting thoughts about self-narrative, how I represent myself as opposed to how others experience me, etc. And I was on time, for once.

Ugh, I have been awake All Day (since before nine in the morning!) and my nose is sore and my throat is tickly and my Lemsip is three years expired, I don't know how that happened. ETA: Now I have run out of tissues. Sigh.
Well, I didn't actually get up today, so I didn't do anything. Oops. But I did just finish that fic, and now it's here, so that's one thing off my mind.

Now I really oughtta go to sleep, because I have to get up in the morning. So. I will go now. Yes.

*coughs* *sniffles*
Coughs and sneezles spread diseazles! (I have been increasingly phlegmy for the last few days, and now am sneezy also. Boo hiss.) (Also, where is that from? Is it Thomas the Tank Engine, or something?)

Today I got called out of my hole to bake something because my great-aunt was coming over for tea. Which was actually surprisingly tolerable.

I have had a ver' busy week, as have started volunteering thing. The work is not boring; the subject matter is fairly interesting, that is, but the adding-associated-people etc, not so much, especially because I have to click through about four screens to do so. Still. On Wed I was doing listed buildings and I learned strange words: a bridge was described in the listing as having "putlog holes" and "stugged rusticated voussoirs" and other such things; the gazetteer description, which I got to write, was more along the lines of "three arches, sandstone" and a smattering of history. (Oh, but it inspired me to go play freerice some more - the levels go past fifty now! it's quite exciting!)

Also I got to go down and wander the stores three times already. I have to go with someone, but it's still fun, and I ran across one of my favourite things from the old Kelvingrove, which is a woodwind instrument called a 'serpent' because it's like a big long recorder but bent so it's only torso-length, and I went "ooh ooh lookit" except not quite, but nearly.

And I've just about worked out the timing of the buses. And I'm going to go tomorrow and get a zonecard, because I've also worked out that. Annnnd.

Oh yes, I have a fic, which I wrote then actually got betaed but then remembered why I don't do that because I'm now scared of it. But I'll do that tomorrow, too, and I'll post it, so there.

And last Sunday was the choir concert, which went fine, and I wore a bowtie, which was fun, except paternal has lost his one which actually ties so it was just velcro which is not as good.

And I have been indulging in strange obsessions again - because I'm procrastinating that fic, and the huge fic, and stuff - and investigating crafty things (and I bought a set of knitting needles. So I guess I'm going to knit stuff. And I now know the difference between English and Continental and can do both, until I forget how, which will probably be soon.) and also green houses - straw bales and Earthships and earthbags, which were new to me and I'm actually quite impressed by, because you just shovel dirt into strong bags - like sandbags - and make them square and use them as bricks. So I think that's the new dream-home, for now. Not that it'll ever happen, but it's fun to think about.
Eldest sororal was supposed to be coming up, but flight was cancelled due to snow. Poo.

Also, failed to get out of bed today. And most of yesterday. Am useless.

someone give me something to get me through the night...

Damn. OK, I can blame today on meds. Because not getting out of bed means I didn't take them yesterday and then blah yadda blah. Man, I really need to tidy my room - will do it this weekend for true.

And I had to tap paternal for money again but because I hate that I left it too late and the only reason I ate on wednesday was that other people paid for me.

And now there is diet coke in the house again when there hasn't been for a week and so I have a caffeine headache and I am maybe jittery but that might just be med-related or cold-related I think I will go to bed now and just huddle under covers even if cannot sleep because warm and calm and will think about nice things, yes.
Geniuses' kids tend to be of normal intelligence, iirc. Couple of applications, one fannish, one personal.

Fannish: kid-fics. Yeah, yeah, guilty pleasure, whatev. Child of Rodney McKay or Gregory House invariably brilliant in some way or another, be it father's field or music or something else. Degree of irritation depends on handling, but still. wrong.

Personal: though I'm not a genius, I am fairly bright, and what if I did have kids and they were stupid? or bigoted? I have no patience with people like that. Probably a moot point, given the myriad other cons, but one that popped up at me.


Am unwell again - yesterday/last night feverish - broke with a little help from venlaf. withdrawal (sweats, etc). Dry coughs, not too frequent, but a fit hard enough to make me puke. Ergo not really eating. Is bummer - are leftover party foods, trifle and such, but dairy products right now not for me.

Hmm. Grr. Etc.

May the new year treat you better than the last.

Agh. Should be at group but called to say am sick and miserable and sick. Think I was too late to be before they started, though, so the guys will not know.

*koff koff koff*

Ow. But I will go to my jobcentre interview that I didn't manage to call and rearrange because it's taken me months to get this far, so. I will cough at her and she will not make me stay long, hopefully.

*koff koffff hack*

Now I have phlegm in a cup. Yum.
I have a headache. And I went to the shops and got rained on. And I want to sleep lots, so I may actually go to bed fairly soon, but then again possibly not, and huge guilt for not having started studying, and I was supposed to get up in order to make a call (urgh. phones) and...

[livejournal.com profile] nostalgia_lj commented on the lack of post-apocalyptic BtVS fic, and that reminded me of a little snippet I wrote at least a year ago so I dug that out and put another line on the end to round it off and here it is:

snippet )

Damn, I miss writing. I just... don't seem to have the facility for it at the moment. It's because I have a ficathon thing overdue, and the last chapter of SE still waiting pre-sugarquill-posting-revision, and... I dunno, I just. don't seem to be inspired, atm.

Enough with the self-pity, going to take some paracetamol.
yawn... went to bed about twenty-four hours ago, got up a few hours later to puke, then went back to bed and stayed there until [livejournal.com profile] nostalgia_lj came in with Judas and he ran around the bed a little then I got up and then I watched many eps of S7 Buffy while reading Cosmo and Maxim. And I really did mean to work at some point, but oh well.

I'm going to do a bit of... I'd say re-design, but that would imply an original design, and I don't think black background, white text, a picture on the index page counts as design. not that I'm going to do anything more than that. but. um. anyway. this is just here to remind me to mess around with the site a bit. and get a better counter. it's going to become Resting Place of a Fannish Butterfly. well. kinda. not like I use the name, ever. but that reflects my status as a fandom whore. so. y'know.

i'm bored. and i have this huge pile of work i could do, and piles of fic i could read, and yet, i'm just sitting here. fantastic.
So apparently, when a casual friend asks me how I'm doing, "I'm on anti-depressants and I have this miserable cold and I made a fool of myself three times already today and I'm horrendously behind on all my work and I feel like shit and I have to finish this damn talk tonight and give it on Saturday and I don't know what the hell I'm doing and all I want to do is go home and curl up in my bed and pretend I don't exist," becomes, on the path from my brain to my lips, "I'm OK."

Isn't that nice?
[livejournal.com profile] nostalgia_lj, [livejournal.com profile] edithmatilda - I've contracted your cold. Bastards.

And I have to do this presentation on Saturday! And I'm currently sitting here procrastinating over the power-point. Dammit.

Hmm. Maybe I can manage to lose my voice by then...



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