Yesterday I forgot to take my drugs. Also I am bleeding. And have been eating badly. So today was not particularly nice physically.

But I bought a laptop on ebay the other day and it arrives, which was exciting, and I don't know the network key so it is not online and so I wrote over 5000 words of fic this evening, which is a fair chunk of what I need by July, so go me. Maybe I will not get internet for that 'puter till I am done writing a first draft, because it distracts me so. Then again. It possibly needs a new battery. And I didn't realise it had a trackstick, which I'm not hugely keen on, but it's livable. And it wasn't partic'lrly 'spensive.

Shadow Unit are having their season finale this week, and I am getting quite excited about it. Also, I can read that website at the office, because it isn't obviously a forbidden site (as livejournal is, poo) so I read the first two installments when I was supposed to be working, which was bad of me but immensely satisfying (and the stuff I was doing was boring as all hell, so, y'know). If you haven't been reading it, it is... hang on. "A mystery/suspense show, a cop show, a profiler show--but with a science-fictional problem at its heart." I like it a lot. Also a few of the characters have ljs, which is oddly satisfying (but I spent an entire weekend reading through the backlog, so beware time-suck).

God. I really need to tidy my room, and do laundry, and I have a whole lot of wool so I need to stop buying more, and, oh yeah. Today I completely failed to make the deadline for a job application, by sitting here for hours on end reading fic. I am made of self-sabotage, clearly. Which sucks. And I have failed to call my advisor-woman for yet another week. and and and argh. But! 5000 words! win!
I think this week was our summer. Today was not quite as nice, I believe? I don't know because I was asleep. But four straight days of beautiful sunshine. It was quite nice. God, to be warm again, unbelievable. I got sunburned on Tuesday. (That day was quite good. We took a trip to a little local museum, and it took over two hours to get there, then about half an hour in the museum to do what we needed to do. Then we saw the old church. Then we went to Castle Dangerous (I kid ye not, that is the name, but it is a Walter Scott-ism) and then for a little walk in the woods, and then we came back. I was not very burned - my upper arm and upper chest are still pink, but lower arms have faded to tan. It was fun, anyway.)

I'm sure there were other things about this week that I was going to say. Oh, today, during sleep, some of my dreaming was Ronon/Rodney. Which was slightly odd, as they're the pair I have most trouble with in the OT4 I'm attempting to write. So. Yeah.

And tonight, I went to see Iron Man. And I took paper and pen, so below I quote then extrapolate. Extensively.

Toooooony! )

Oh, that was the other thing. Burma. Myanmar. The cyclone. I donated to Doctors Without Borders - they're out there, they're helping.

um. yes. I bought stuffing off ebay and it arrived today (it is Huge, btw) and I finished the dalek I've been knitting for the last couple of weeks. Squee. It is quite squooshy, as I did not put much stuffing in, but that was for Reasons of Aesthetics, so.

Today has actually been good.

First, we went to the Glasgow Police Museum. cut for blather )

Right. Now I have to go think about being depressed. Bugger.
Coughs and sneezles spread diseazles! (I have been increasingly phlegmy for the last few days, and now am sneezy also. Boo hiss.) (Also, where is that from? Is it Thomas the Tank Engine, or something?)

Today I got called out of my hole to bake something because my great-aunt was coming over for tea. Which was actually surprisingly tolerable.

I have had a ver' busy week, as have started volunteering thing. The work is not boring; the subject matter is fairly interesting, that is, but the adding-associated-people etc, not so much, especially because I have to click through about four screens to do so. Still. On Wed I was doing listed buildings and I learned strange words: a bridge was described in the listing as having "putlog holes" and "stugged rusticated voussoirs" and other such things; the gazetteer description, which I got to write, was more along the lines of "three arches, sandstone" and a smattering of history. (Oh, but it inspired me to go play freerice some more - the levels go past fifty now! it's quite exciting!)

Also I got to go down and wander the stores three times already. I have to go with someone, but it's still fun, and I ran across one of my favourite things from the old Kelvingrove, which is a woodwind instrument called a 'serpent' because it's like a big long recorder but bent so it's only torso-length, and I went "ooh ooh lookit" except not quite, but nearly.

And I've just about worked out the timing of the buses. And I'm going to go tomorrow and get a zonecard, because I've also worked out that. Annnnd.

Oh yes, I have a fic, which I wrote then actually got betaed but then remembered why I don't do that because I'm now scared of it. But I'll do that tomorrow, too, and I'll post it, so there.

And last Sunday was the choir concert, which went fine, and I wore a bowtie, which was fun, except paternal has lost his one which actually ties so it was just velcro which is not as good.

And I have been indulging in strange obsessions again - because I'm procrastinating that fic, and the huge fic, and stuff - and investigating crafty things (and I bought a set of knitting needles. So I guess I'm going to knit stuff. And I now know the difference between English and Continental and can do both, until I forget how, which will probably be soon.) and also green houses - straw bales and Earthships and earthbags, which were new to me and I'm actually quite impressed by, because you just shovel dirt into strong bags - like sandbags - and make them square and use them as bricks. So I think that's the new dream-home, for now. Not that it'll ever happen, but it's fun to think about.
So I had a vaguely exciting morning, in that I had to get up and go to the doctor for a sick line and because I stayed up ridiculously late I only got a couple of hours sleep. Then I went to test the bus to Nitshill, and first I was at the wrong stop, but luckily I realised that and just got to the right one in time, then... Well, I missed where I was supposed to get off, because I'd been looking for the bus to turn right and it actually turned left because I had been reading the stops to check directions but I must have read the stops for the bus going the Other Way. So, yes, somewhat Made of Fail. Fortunately the end of the route was only about ten minutes walk further on, so I walked back and found where I was supposed to be and now I know where to go when I start doing stuff next week.

Then I got the train into town and I went to Bravissimo and I bought two bras and a pair of knickers and I may buy more knickers and a top which they didn't have in stock. And I realised that postage for ordering costs less than bus fare into town. But I am fairly often in town on other business. And I went to Lush and got two bath ballistics and more perfume - American Cream this time. I smell like strawberry icecream.

Then the bus back and I may have freaked out just a little when the guy asked me if I wanted off "here or further on" and, yeah, well, it happens. And I went to the shop and bought crap and also bread which I am now eating. And I decided to be nice so I have a cat on my bed. He is looking at me. And since I am going to be out tonight - rehearsal then pub - I think a nap might be a good idea. Once I am done with lunch, of course.
On Sunday I made a list of four things to do. Admittedly, one was to buy some books, and I meant to do them all on Monday, but they have now all been done! and the books arrived today, and I have made *counts* four phone calls this week! which is super-awesome by my standards, and, and, y'know what else is super-awesome?

I have a volunteer placement! I am going to spend three months doing stuff for a museums project - adding keywords and such to database entries, mostly, which I guess is not too exciting, but the stuff it's about is, and the people seemed nice, and... I made the first call on Tuesday! and then yesterday I called back the lady at the place to organise a time to go in and she asked if I was free that afternoon so I went in and now it is all sorted! I don't start for two weeks, because stuff still needs sorted on that end, but that gives me time to sort out stuff with the Jobcentre and, I dunno, other stuff.

La! There be snippetude!

Oh, and today I was at the charity shop all day and I got left on my own for a while - ooh, responsibility! and I didn't mess up to bad, and also I got chips, and also I fixed the paper in the till, go me. And then I came home and I read and I did puzzles and then I wrote this snippet and now I am going to sleep yay as I have shop again in afternoon. *nods*

Title: Five Ex-Companions OR The Revelations Of Five People Who, In Their Respective Pasts, Travelled With The Doctor
Author: kbk
Fanda: DW crossovering with various. In this instance, Stargate SG-1.
Notes: Partly [ profile] nostalgia_lj's fault, because we were talking about this about a month ago. While on swings. That was fun.
Notes Again: Less than 400 words for Jack, I'm afraid. But five of roughly equal length would make 2000-ish which is a perfectly acceptable length for a fic, so there. If I do actually manage to write any more. Which is vaguely dubious. Oh well.

Jack O'Neill )

Next up, Benton Fraser! (Due South)

And if any of you were to have suggestions for the other three... I mean, I'm thinking about it, but I'm so very open to ideas.



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