kbk ([personal profile] kbk) wrote2010-12-08 09:37 am
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My internet was broken last night, which was horrible, and this morning my toilet is flooded, so I have other people's piss all over my bathroom, which is disgusting.

I had a nice little story about being awake at half-three and hearing something odd and finding it was my toilet burping, and I went out and melted and got quite an impressive jet of water, and... I just heard it go again, goddammit, I've already taken one bucket of piss out to the drain in the street and I don't want to take another, but I may have to if I can't melt through soon.

I want to bleach the entire world right now. Including my feet. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

5:20 p.m. ETA: I have taken out several buckets of piss-water. I have been up and down with the blow-torch all day and have melted, I believe, two feet of ice-blocked-pipe. This has not been enough. My bathroom stinks, my kitchen sink is now not draining at all, the hoped-for-thaw might not happen tomorrow if the trend in predicted temp continues, at one point water was dripping through my bathroom ceiling... ARGH. I will probably just not sleep tonight, though I may give up on the blowtorch soon because it is not lasting long. Still, at least I set up a shoebox to prop it so I'm not breaking my back bending over any more. If this is not fixed before the next freeze then dad can bloody well come look after the place, I've had enough.

6:40 p.m. ETA: I am done, I am through, I have had it. The blowtorch was only lasting five minutes, so it's retired for the night. The folk upstairs (who apparently only moved in today - oops!) know about it, the flat above them appears to be empty (all their windows are open, which to me implies there is nobody there, given that it's supposedly -7 Celsius. I wrung out the towels (ooh, me aching back! ooh, me reddened fingers!) and took out a final bucket, and if I have to empty any more tonight they're going out the damn window, as that's where it ends up anyway with the pipes as they are. I am going to wait until I can't smell piss any more, and then I might have dinner. Maybe I'll just open the vodka.

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