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Cleanness! I have washed all my dishes, and the towels I was using, and just finished bleaching the hell out of the bathroom, and once the floor dries I'm going to have a shower for the first time in nearly a week and then probably change the sheets on my bed, and I can has clean!

The toilet problem was rectified late Thursday morning, mostly by nature, and then that day I had lots of dripping from the ceiling and that evening the fuse for my lights blew, and it still isn't fixed because I don't have fuse wire, but I do have lamps and candles, so, whatever. Friday I was mostly catching up on sleep, though I washed some towels and went to the shops. Today is cleeeeeeeeeeeeean.

Apparently my neighbours have no water, which sucks for them, but mine is OK so far.

Dad says the meeting of owners to try and organise something is not going to happen until January at the earliest, but he's getting a plumber to come some time soon and take a look and see if there's anything that will work as a temporary fix.

Isn't it odd how my dream house started off with spiral staircases and window-seats, and now has decent wiring and modern plumbing?

ETA: Argh. Cannot shower because it will not go warm. Suspect the thermostat is tied to the fuse that's blown.

Oh! Dad called as I was writing this and he's coming over to fix the fuse, so if that is what's wrong I will be able to shower and even if not, I will have lights.

ETAA: Have lights! Dad thinks shower problem related to low water pressure, possibly related to big-ass leak downstairs, so, wait and see. Ho-hum. Food time now.
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