um. yes. I bought stuffing off ebay and it arrived today (it is Huge, btw) and I finished the dalek I've been knitting for the last couple of weeks. Squee. It is quite squooshy, as I did not put much stuffing in, but that was for Reasons of Aesthetics, so.

Today has actually been good.

First, we went to the Glasgow Police Museum. cut for blather )

Right. Now I have to go think about being depressed. Bugger.
Coughs and sneezles spread diseazles! (I have been increasingly phlegmy for the last few days, and now am sneezy also. Boo hiss.) (Also, where is that from? Is it Thomas the Tank Engine, or something?)

Today I got called out of my hole to bake something because my great-aunt was coming over for tea. Which was actually surprisingly tolerable.

I have had a ver' busy week, as have started volunteering thing. The work is not boring; the subject matter is fairly interesting, that is, but the adding-associated-people etc, not so much, especially because I have to click through about four screens to do so. Still. On Wed I was doing listed buildings and I learned strange words: a bridge was described in the listing as having "putlog holes" and "stugged rusticated voussoirs" and other such things; the gazetteer description, which I got to write, was more along the lines of "three arches, sandstone" and a smattering of history. (Oh, but it inspired me to go play freerice some more - the levels go past fifty now! it's quite exciting!)

Also I got to go down and wander the stores three times already. I have to go with someone, but it's still fun, and I ran across one of my favourite things from the old Kelvingrove, which is a woodwind instrument called a 'serpent' because it's like a big long recorder but bent so it's only torso-length, and I went "ooh ooh lookit" except not quite, but nearly.

And I've just about worked out the timing of the buses. And I'm going to go tomorrow and get a zonecard, because I've also worked out that. Annnnd.

Oh yes, I have a fic, which I wrote then actually got betaed but then remembered why I don't do that because I'm now scared of it. But I'll do that tomorrow, too, and I'll post it, so there.

And last Sunday was the choir concert, which went fine, and I wore a bowtie, which was fun, except paternal has lost his one which actually ties so it was just velcro which is not as good.

And I have been indulging in strange obsessions again - because I'm procrastinating that fic, and the huge fic, and stuff - and investigating crafty things (and I bought a set of knitting needles. So I guess I'm going to knit stuff. And I now know the difference between English and Continental and can do both, until I forget how, which will probably be soon.) and also green houses - straw bales and Earthships and earthbags, which were new to me and I'm actually quite impressed by, because you just shovel dirt into strong bags - like sandbags - and make them square and use them as bricks. So I think that's the new dream-home, for now. Not that it'll ever happen, but it's fun to think about.
went into Glasgow to buy stuff for Iceland trip, was successful, got home tired and overheated. earlier, the boy got me to fake paternal's signature, and said, "it's just a squiggle," not realising that it was fairly accurate.

Internet was mildly broken, so I started going through my files, and... there's so. much. shit. and there's all these things that are part-written, going nowhere, bits and pieces that could be good if I just put in some fucking effort... meh.

one of the things I found: drabble-and-a-half, WW, Sam )
unfortunately, I just fucked up and managed not to save the half-hour of work I'd just done on my presentation - which has to be saved onto a particular computer in the department by noon tomorrow. Aargh. Aargh. Aargh. And I can't remember where I got a couple of pictures and we have to acknowledge them, and I can't remember what I was going to put in one of the spaces I left, and 'nando is being bolshie and my nose keeps running so it'll be red-raw by the morning, and...

still. pretty icon.
having been offline for two days, I had very little email. then I found out yahoo groups had me bouncing. so I have to go through that and sort other stuff out and do two tut sheets for tomorrow and I have no material for the talk I have to have basically prepared for Friday and now I have to go to my computing class where I am several hours behind everybody else because I couldn't be arsed going.

I do, however, have a long post waiting at home, so you'll get that in a few hours. aren't you lucky?
so I'm currently at home

and tomorrow I'm going to Holland

so I won't be here for the next week or so

and now I have to go set all my lists to "No Email"

I might get some writing done if I'm not spending all my time reading, so... it could happen... I really need to get the Valentine fic started, at least, and I'm quite happy to be a third of the way through chapter four of WB, so... eee. eee. eee.

don't like being home. but am leaving tomorrow. so.

need to buy t-a-t-u's album, or whatever they're called - have been flicking through music channels for the past two days attempting to see the video for "all the things she said" as many times as possible - is dance-y music, but I like it, and the video is the two girls, in school uniforms, in the rain, kissing, and it's a dingy video for a lesbian song which is really... mmm. I like. so I want the album.

have put razor blades and penknife in an envelope and am posting them back to st andrews so I don't carry them on the plane. because that could cause problems. so I'm not going to do that.

stopping now.
I just really should not be awake. Really.

I've kind of done a little unofficial "hosting" in the chat - said hello to people, spread a little information - not that it's been that active, it just... huh. anyway. there's nothing going on there... though someone else did just log in. excuse me.

splitting attention too many ways... I'm trying to write another snippet for the challenge, but it's going to be kind of weird and... fuck it. I'll do it. Now.
turns out it was three sink-fulls sitting out.

have spent five hours cleaning up. probably two-thirds of that was washing dishes. and that doesn't include to-ing and fro-ing to do laundry. hadn't realised quite how late it was.

still have to:
do both sets of nails
finish tidying bedroom
decorate bedroom
wrap a present

is that it? cool!
oh, and I have to sleep. and get up around noon. eep.



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