Since I last posted I have:

posted a fic here.

got new glasses - my prescription had changed, and I got to do the flashy-lights field-of-vision thing which I never had to do before, that was exciting.

bought two bras! It took me ages to get round to it but I was actually down to only one that fit. The whole thing was actually surprisingly painless.

bought a new laptop, which was just last night, actually, I have been poking at ebay for while and finally picked a T60 ThinkPad (I am currently using a T23, and it has been irritatingly slow and does not do DVDs or have a touchpad).

posted some pyrography pictures here.

Actually I have bought quite a lot of stuff recently, I realised money was building up in my account and went, hey! I could actually buy things! So, some books, and a hat, and some crafty stuff. Quite a bit of crafty stuff, actually, I have a whole pile of stuff waiting to be burned on. Oh well what the hell.
Yesterday I forgot to take my drugs. Also I am bleeding. And have been eating badly. So today was not particularly nice physically.

But I bought a laptop on ebay the other day and it arrives, which was exciting, and I don't know the network key so it is not online and so I wrote over 5000 words of fic this evening, which is a fair chunk of what I need by July, so go me. Maybe I will not get internet for that 'puter till I am done writing a first draft, because it distracts me so. Then again. It possibly needs a new battery. And I didn't realise it had a trackstick, which I'm not hugely keen on, but it's livable. And it wasn't partic'lrly 'spensive.

Shadow Unit are having their season finale this week, and I am getting quite excited about it. Also, I can read that website at the office, because it isn't obviously a forbidden site (as livejournal is, poo) so I read the first two installments when I was supposed to be working, which was bad of me but immensely satisfying (and the stuff I was doing was boring as all hell, so, y'know). If you haven't been reading it, it is... hang on. "A mystery/suspense show, a cop show, a profiler show--but with a science-fictional problem at its heart." I like it a lot. Also a few of the characters have ljs, which is oddly satisfying (but I spent an entire weekend reading through the backlog, so beware time-suck).

God. I really need to tidy my room, and do laundry, and I have a whole lot of wool so I need to stop buying more, and, oh yeah. Today I completely failed to make the deadline for a job application, by sitting here for hours on end reading fic. I am made of self-sabotage, clearly. Which sucks. And I have failed to call my advisor-woman for yet another week. and and and argh. But! 5000 words! win!
Internet is back! *cries with joy* (no, really, there are tears in my eyes. it may just be hayfever, though)

But I had been home for, what, six hours or so, and the modem blew up. Literally. There was a flash and a bang and a smell of burning. And the thing was just down by the side of my chair, so I was somewhat startled. And they said the guy would come to fix it yesterday. And he didn't. And he only just came, but he came, and I have the Internet again!

The 'good' thing about not having the Internet is that it made me go through some of my files, but that just made me bitter at the number of things I start and don't finish. Though there were a couple of gems. Such as this snippet of dialogue which I planned to make a fic, but having re-found it think works all right as is, so I put a couple of notes on it and here it is:WW dialogue snippet )

But it also left me sitting watching vids for hours on end, and I found a couple of quotes files, and now there's about a fortnight's worth of fic that I want to re-read and I'm going away again on Friday. Bugger.

Oh. Yes. Also it made me write. But nothing useful. Just another five thousand or so on the Alex-POV I was rambling through a while ago, trying to write my way into his head, and it hasn't been particularly effective, but I think I'll post it when it's finished anyway, just because. And it should (hopefully) be finished soon.

Oh, thank all the gods I have the Internet back again! I was sitting forlornly at the computer for hours, just aching for some fic or some lj or something, and... *sobs* (not really)
Eventually got to bed around six. Missed lectures and deadline by sleeping until two and then spending an hour reading email, having nearly had panic attack after receiving email from tutor saying "you can come see me this morning". Went in. Re-did presentation - only took around an hour, thank god, since I'd written it out and sent myself the pictures by email (which was good, because the computer in the classroom couldn't actually read the CD-RW even though I'm sure it was supposed to be able to). Got that done, saved to network folder and floppy, went to room where computers were. Now, there are three computers total being used this weekend. Two were still sitting waiting to be loaded to. Guess which one wasn't there? That's right! The one I was supposed to use! So I had to wait another forty minutes or so for that to be out of use and returned to the room, then the floppy didn't work and I couldn't actually get onto the network from there (though again, was supposed to be able to) so the tech gave me a ZIP and I went back to the computer classroom to save it. Now, while I'm sitting saving, the janitor comes in to ask if I have a card to allow me to be in there after five, and I don't, and I tell him that. He says I have ten minutes, which is fine, then on the way out he says, "I'm just doing my job," offended-like. I reply, "I know," then have yet another crying fit. Unfortunately I'm not the only person in the room at the time. Oh well. Go back. Load talk from ZIP. It works. Check it. Re-check it. Leave. Go to shop, buy lots of chocolate, come home.
Plan is to eat chocolate, drink alcohol and read fic. Fuck work. I don't care.
Have now lost entire presentation. Will not open from floppy at all. This is after having reconstructed most of it, and saved that, and then getting those damn "read-only" messages when I tried to finish it (for the second time).

Have sent e-mail to tutor and person in charge of presentations. Have drink. Have saved all pictures to CD-RW (which I've just realised isn't going to work on some, if not all of the computers in the department, so I'll go e-mail them as well). Luckily, decided to write down almost all of text having lost words from a few slides. Gah. Hate Hate Hate Technology.

Did not need this stress. Simple fact of talk was stress enough. But no. Not for me. I have to have huge technological crisis the night before. Oh well. At least I'm not supposed to be giving it tomorrow.
This all happened because I got rid of my "Technology hates me" icon.

I finished the presentation. I had all the pictures, all with at least a little acknowledgement. It could have been better but it could have been a whole hell of a lot worse. I saved it to floppy.

Floppy lost half the fucker. *screams very loudly*

Am re-doing. Hate computer. 'nando, of course, hates me back.
ok, so I'm now officially in charge of the mkfightclub chatroom because I'm the only one there with Host status and I don't know how the hell I got it and I don't know how to pass it on. or something along those lines. I don't know. but the woman who's running it asked me to stay around "Because if you leave, nobody can control it."

I just hope 'nando doesn't decide to freeze up on me.

oh hell. it's gonna happen now, isn't it?

no, no, don't mind me... just, I'm the little newbie that nobody knew and now I'm in control!
just spent half an hour removing a hundred or so files from My Documents - pictures and vids and such. hope this will lessen the frequency of 'nando freezing up.

am reading quantities of cutesy Q/O fic. am worried about self.

must go write angst when am finished with this series.



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