Yesterday was my birthday. We had lunch out, it was nice. Then I slept a bit more.

I went to see Jonathan Coulton - that was fun and I may post again with a setlist. I got rained on quite a bit, though.

Then I went out. I talked to a few girls on the train because they were dressed up in 'burlesque' outfits but they said the thing they were going to was sold out. So I went to the Polo Lounge. And showing off my tits really works. A cute guy danced with me; another guy danced and kissed; a third complimented, danced, kissed, smoked and eventually took me home.

Maybe I'll make a tmi euphemistic love life filter. Hm. It was OK.

Also, I was dumb and need to go to the chemist for a pill. And seriously, I hear about someone doing that and I go, oh for fuck sake that's stupid. Which it is. Sigh. But I think I get an exemption this time.

But I wasn't drunk or tired enough to pass out, so I had an uncomfortable few hours lying there, and eventually I looked at my watch and it was seven and I went, time to go! And gave him my number, we'll see if he calls - if not, no great loss.

Of course, I'd forgotten about the clocks changing. I got a bus into the city centre, then discovered that the bus to home doesn't start until after eight, and at this point it was half-six, so I got a taxi. And now I am here.



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