This afternoon I went to the intimidating shop in Glasgow and it was not as intimidating as I thought it would be but it was behind a big black door, and there was a huge bumblebee buzzing about inside. And I climbed five flights of stairs to get there because there were people in the lift. I had to go this afternoon because class was tonight.

I went with [ profile] nostalgia_lj to class and we played with copper and fire and acid and made rings. There was lots of sanding also which was not so fun. Apparently we will be doing set projects most of the time and our own stuff the last week or two. Oh well.

On the way home I saw two foxes. The first was at the station while we were waiting for the train - it ran down from our side, further down, then jumped down and ran across the tracks and jumped up again, where it paused a little before running on. The second was just down the road, as I was walking from the bus stop to my house - I saw it finish running across the road, sneak through someone's wrought-iron gate and run up the drive, at which point I was about level and stopped to look at it, and it stopped to look back at me, and we just looked at each other for about half a minute, then it ran on. I think foxes are awesome.

Now I am going to read for a bit, then I am going to pack my bag for going to see [ profile] edithmatilda tomorrow. And then I am going to sleep, because I have to get up in the morning to catch the first of three buses. Ho-hum.
Parentals are returned. They apparently have a hundred pictures of cherry blossom. I have managed to avoid these so far. I was quite sociable last night. Go me.

Stained glass class is not happening because nobody else signed up. Boo.

Today a man came to the door to ask about one of the cats. See, we have two, Brock and Cruikshanks. Brock is bigger and sometimes bullies his brother. Cruikshanks goes off for days at a time. Now we have found out where. Apparently Cruikshanks has been living at their house a fair amount of the time. They call him Tiger and thought he was a girl cat (well, he has been snipped). I now feel less guilty about going away and leaving him here. Hah.

Going to flat with paternal tomorrow. Hopefully will also do shopping, get stuff to finish bathroom. May just paper walls, though. Dammit I am impatient!
Today I spent over five hours at the flat, painting on goo and stripping off wallpaper and painting on primer and stripping off goo-ed stuff. I am really freaking sore now so I am running myself a bath.

As far as I know parentals are back tomorrow, so I have been tidying some more - I did actually do some tidying earlier on, so there was not a whole lot. And I emptied the tumble-dryer yesterday. But on the way home, about half-way from the bus-stop, I paused, because I had the sudden thought that they might be back, and if they were I didn't want to come back. That's not what home is. Sigh.

I was going to say the only thing I will miss is the cats. But I won't miss the yowling and the puking and the fighting and the pissing and the occasional dead animals. So I won't miss much at all, really.

I know the flat is basically all I'm talking about right now but it's most of what I'm doing right now, so.

Yay, bathtime. My shoulders will thank me.
My sister's cat died, suddenly.

I stayed up there last summer, so I knew her quite well. She was an excellent hunter and extremely affectionate and very soft.

This is the downside of pets. Or, indeed, caring.
So I had a vaguely exciting morning, in that I had to get up and go to the doctor for a sick line and because I stayed up ridiculously late I only got a couple of hours sleep. Then I went to test the bus to Nitshill, and first I was at the wrong stop, but luckily I realised that and just got to the right one in time, then... Well, I missed where I was supposed to get off, because I'd been looking for the bus to turn right and it actually turned left because I had been reading the stops to check directions but I must have read the stops for the bus going the Other Way. So, yes, somewhat Made of Fail. Fortunately the end of the route was only about ten minutes walk further on, so I walked back and found where I was supposed to be and now I know where to go when I start doing stuff next week.

Then I got the train into town and I went to Bravissimo and I bought two bras and a pair of knickers and I may buy more knickers and a top which they didn't have in stock. And I realised that postage for ordering costs less than bus fare into town. But I am fairly often in town on other business. And I went to Lush and got two bath ballistics and more perfume - American Cream this time. I smell like strawberry icecream.

Then the bus back and I may have freaked out just a little when the guy asked me if I wanted off "here or further on" and, yeah, well, it happens. And I went to the shop and bought crap and also bread which I am now eating. And I decided to be nice so I have a cat on my bed. He is looking at me. And since I am going to be out tonight - rehearsal then pub - I think a nap might be a good idea. Once I am done with lunch, of course.
I wore my shiny boots to choir and made people look at them and they said they were shiny.

This afternoon I cleaned up cat puke, that was fun; it was mostly undigested chicken and on tile, so as far as cat puke goes it was not too bad.


Why is the world not entertaining me??? I mean, sure, I have a list of things to do, and a pile of books I haven't read yet, and a bunch of comms I could surf, and there's even the basic Spanish tapes I started listening to before choir, but... but... but still! Hmmf. Sigh. Etc.
I went into the kitchen, got a spoon, got a yoghurt, went to leave and saw the cat. Sitting on top of the fridge-freezer. The thing is, it must have progressed by jumping on top of the oven first, and then going up to the top of the fridge. So. It's just...

Anyway. Went to dentist, was fine, wandered around Paisley a little and discovered that Our Price is now Sanity which somehow seems a whole lot cooler (and was playing better music). And forgot to get an anniversary card for Dad and Maureen. As you do.

Had a strange moment when I saw myself in the mirror, having put in my new earring, which is long and thin (black feather, string of black beads, silver chain all from stud) and... well, I had a padawan moment, I'm afraid.

Must be back in St Andrews for 2:40 on Monday. Must remember this. Joy.
I was slouching on the sofa with the laptop on my thighs, and the cat decided my lap looked like a nice place to sit. So I was covered in warmth.

It was weird, though, because I was just sitting reading fic and then the cat starts kneading its feet on my lower stomach and climbs up and steps on me and turns around and curls up on me. Warm. Cat has gone now, though.
got a little writing done - like, a little, like, doubled the word-count of the chapter which has been sitting at 200 words since, like, October or something. and I want it to end up around 2500, though I'll settle for 1800 'cause I might never finish it otherwise.

ooh, revised and posted chapter eight of Summer's End to sugarquill, which I just haven't been visiting at all lately, which is bad of me, but it's... kind of clean. which is weird for me. and probably better for me than the stuff I'm into right now, but, y'know... but they seem to like me there, so I should spend a little time on the boards etc. maybe.

ooh, again. I'd forgotten that the cube's "Field Trip" is tomorrow - starts in, well, just over eleven hours now. I'm going to miss the beginning of it, because I'm going to be sleeping, but... it's the M/K community I recently joined, and it's a 24-hour challenge day to re-write the ep where Mulder and Scully get trapped in a giant fungus underground with an M/K slant. so I might try to get a snippet or two done for that, as well. I don't want to miss the beginning, but seriously. I was up all night with the fucking HPS, I can't do another one of them.

fed the cat - it was wailing outside the door. I'm not letting it in, 'cause I'm in a foul mood and it's already got its smell all over my towels which were on the radiator, which makes me an unhappy bunny. but it hadn't been fed since around two (yes, we now have a schedule to write up when we feed it because otherwise the damn thing would be getting at least twice as much food as it needed. trust me. you should see the rate we've been going through cans.) gah. I like the cat, I'm just still in a shitty mood and having the stupid thing whining at me all evening... I mean, it's not like I had dinner either.

ah. there we go. didn't take my chill pill yet today.

and I doubt the (small) amount of booze is particularly helping. and I think I'm actually going on a sugar low, because I had another 50g of chocolate and I just... I think I've overloaded my fucked-up system, too much sugar and not enough anything else, and it's not fair! sugar high is a generally accepted phenomenon, and I get them often enough, but if I start out in a shitty mood or I fuck up the sugar intake then I get lows, and that's just wrong!

I'm going to write more. I am. I really, really am.

don't know what the fuck for, but I'm going to write for something. I promise.

all done

Jan. 23rd, 2003 06:04 pm
exams are over, thank Jedus. today was astro, think I passed - may in fact have got a semi-decent mark.

I'm doing a Valentine fic, equivalent of secret Santa, and I realised why I didn't enter any of the secret-Santa projects I could have (of which there were at least four, trust me). I can't write to challenges. Well, I can sometimes, but I hate trying to. I have to have a reason. And... meh. The challenge I got is about five times as detailed as the one I gave, which makes me start thinking maybe I should have asked for more, but then I hate being this constrained so... uh. yeah. I stupid.

Not as stupid as the kitten, obviously, which is now much wider than it was before. nostalgia is currently taunting it with fabric, but it's confused because there are two ends to try to catch. It was in my room a lot yesterday, and sat on the keyboard at one point. I was trying to study, but that didn't really happen. But it doesn't matter now. Because my exams are over.

may write Kepler/Brahe slash for [ profile] nostalgia_lj's planned archive. then again, may not. hmm. not like anyone knows who they are.
had exam

think I passed

was evil, though

is very cute kitten here. flatmate is looking after it for a little while, and it's currently going to sleep on top of my astro notes. so, there's an excuse not to study. it's a tortoiseshell, and it's two months old, and it's so fluffy and soft...

[ profile] nostalgia_lj is cutting bits off my hair. her hair-cutting technique is, she says, "quite free-form" - meaning that she cannot cut hair in any way. she's also smoking at the same time.

I may shave my head later.

also, quizzes )
one of the cats is sitting leaning against my leg. it's oddly comforting.

want someone to huggle. wah.
bird was a robin. believe bird is now dead. put it outside anyway.

that's the only time I don't like cats. when they kill things.

I know. Hypocritical. Bite me.
am currently attempting to stop cat from killing a small bird which has somehow got in. unfortunately do not know where bird has gone. have opened window to facilitate avian escape, but it is freezing out there and the computer is right next to the window. so. not happy in the slightest.

going back to st a's today! oh the joy! sick of this place. down to seven hours sleep last night - over four hours tossing and turning over the past two nights - and they wonder why I stay up all the time. gah.



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