Jonathan Coulton on Saturday night. I enjoyed myself. And I only really know about ten of his songs, but he played most of those.

Set-list (not guaranteed accurate): )
So that was fun.
I am just home from choir. So I am humming random scraps of parts. As you do. I did the coffee tonight - it is a thing that everybody is supposed to take a turn at but only half the people do, so they were running out, and I was first in the kitchen and I didn't know what to do! and then I didn't do much at all! but I did pour the coffee with the big kettle and that was quite entertaining.

Earlier I had an appointment with my Condition Management Practitioner and to an extent it was same old same old but she had quite a pragmatic way of putting things and I think I will certainly give it a good shot. Though her advice included not eating after six o'clock, which in practice - for the next week, at least - would mean only one meal per day, which, um, no. I do need to get a handle on my patterns, but starting the volunteer thing really ought to help with that, so, meh. Also only supposed to use my bedroom for sleeping, but, uh, I live in here. More or less like it is a room in halls. A couple of weeks I described myself as a principality in this house, after someone commented on me not knowing about a party until a week beforehand. Meh.

And I went to get my mysterious package that had to be signed for from the post office but that part closes at twelve and I was too late. Boo hiss.

Oh, currently free online - American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Which I haven't actually read, so I'll have to get round to that in the next couple of weeks.


Apr. 14th, 2003 11:12 pm
Up: talked briefly Char, late of our house.
Down: quantum lecture. and he kept saying how much work we should have done over the holidays.
Up: computer, fic
Down: computer, fic,
Up: computer, fic, talked briefly to Jenny
Down: left computer room
Up: talked briefly to Jill and Kirsten
Down: realised could not concentrate enough to write two lines of code for programming lab
Up: walked out
Down: struggled through Tesco
Up: talked briefly to Lindsey
Down: posh arses with mobile phones
Up: talked to [ profile] nostalgia_lj and [ profile] edithmatilda
Down: arm hurt
Up: home, sugar, fic
Down: fic
Up: bunny
Down: bad bunny that will further constrain my ability to work
Up: food...
Down: arrived at chorus to find virtually nobody there at start time
Up: people showed up
Down: none of them were tenors. two tenors. one of them a girl. me.
Up: actually got bits right!
Down: got totally ignored at interval
Up: sang the Benedictus. "Osanna in excelsis!" ramble: music and performing )
Down: fellow chorus-member and classmate asked about work
Up: walked home
Down: vampires have eaten my brain. seriously. the bunny.
Up: chocolate. three bars of it.
Down: guilt associated with chocolate.

And that brings me to now. Fun, huh?
so I'm currently at home

and tomorrow I'm going to Holland

so I won't be here for the next week or so

and now I have to go set all my lists to "No Email"

I might get some writing done if I'm not spending all my time reading, so... it could happen... I really need to get the Valentine fic started, at least, and I'm quite happy to be a third of the way through chapter four of WB, so... eee. eee. eee.

don't like being home. but am leaving tomorrow. so.

need to buy t-a-t-u's album, or whatever they're called - have been flicking through music channels for the past two days attempting to see the video for "all the things she said" as many times as possible - is dance-y music, but I like it, and the video is the two girls, in school uniforms, in the rain, kissing, and it's a dingy video for a lesbian song which is really... mmm. I like. so I want the album.

have put razor blades and penknife in an envelope and am posting them back to st andrews so I don't carry them on the plane. because that could cause problems. so I'm not going to do that.

stopping now.
We went out. I bought CDs. I got two on Friday (Matrix soundtrack, Jubilee Punk!3) and I got four today. Garbage, replacing the copy I think I lost, Blondie - Greatest Hits, because I like some of that sometimes, and two randoms that I'd never heard of - a Goth-looking one that nostalgia semi-recognised as being loud, and one that was just a quid. Seriously, I picked up the CD, looked at the cover (which is white with a cartoon-ish 'critter' on it) and thought "I'll buy this". I'm listening to it now. Is not my normal sort of thing, but is pleasant enough so far. Girly vocals over a techno beat. Huh.

I still need more music. I'm just... craving it. But I think I'll stave it off by making my way through nostalgia's CD collection. I just, I stagnated, I was playing the same two CDs all the fucking time, and I always do that, I get obsessed with one thing at the expense of others, which I guess is why I bought so many this time, so I don't get stuck on one. Or maybe I just felt like spending money. Whatever.

This must be at least the twentieth time I've signed into yahoo!groups over the past day. I'm getting really fucking sick of it.

oh man, I'm tired but I wouldn't sleep and I have the frickin' doctor tomorrow morning, and... aargh. why do I do this to myself? it's just stupid. I really don't need this.



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